Slim Shady

Come to find out when you stay at home, you can gain weight.

I wasn’t aware this was going to be an issue.  But it is.

I spent the entire summer in my favorite khaki shorts.  Love those things.  Cozy, comfy, a little bit cute too.  Or at least I think so.  Not too short, not too long.

We recently had a small dip in the temperature, and accordingly so, I dug out my jeans.  Fluffed them out, and got excited about how now I can wear pants.  It had been a while.  I used to wear jeans all the time at work.  It was a very business casual atmosphere.

Sweet, let’s get these puppies on.





Grab another pair.  Clearly THAT pair had shrunk or belonged to an 11 year old girl.

My most favorite pair, sweet.



They don’t fit.

Nor did the other 10 pairs I dug out and tried on.

I have no pants.

Well, I have one pair that I can button, but lawdy it is a hot ass mess around the muffin area.  HOT ASS MESS.



I have to lose weight.  I have too many cute pairs of pants to go and buy a new set.  I refuse.

So, starting Wednesday (Because Mondays are too much pressure.) Mama is back on her diet.  Nothing crazy.  No starvation here kids.  I am a grown ass woman, I am not going to starve.

But I have to make some serious changes to my diet.

I have to break up with Carbs.
Hey carbs, it isn’t you it’s me.  I love you too much and this relationship has become one of dysfunction and co-dependence.  I will still visit.  Just not as often, and I am not going to stay for very long.  Don’t make this harder than it has to be.
PS.  I will miss you a whole lot.  More than you know…

So.  It starts.  Back to grapefruit or Grown Folk cereal in the morning, Tuna wraps and lean meats for lunch with good leafy greens.  Back to quinoa, whole grains, etc. etc.




Not really, but it is better than looking like I am trying to steal a motorcycle tire around my waist every time I try and put on my jeans.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

Leave it to me to diet after the Summer, prior to Winter.

154 lbs currently.  Goal:  15-20lbs weight loss by end of November.

I can totally do this.

*After the meatloaf and mashed potatoes I am making tonight of course.  😉

Anyone have any breakfast or lunch suggestions?  I get stuck in a rut and that is how I fall off the diet wagon.

Boredom.  I lost 16lbs at the beginning of the year, but was eating the same thing all the time.  Then I got back together with Carbs, and you know how that goes.

As Always,

Woman on Pause



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All of the things.

First and foremost, HAPPY 3 DAY WEEKEND!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I know that this weekend marks the end of the summer, but it is 95 degrees today and I am thinking we may have a few more weeks (months) of the warmness.

Oh and COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Go Dawgs!!!!!!)

This is me, all day long.  Bring on all the honey baked hams, and constant dessert eating!!

(Note:  It got down to 69 here the other day and as I walked my youngest to the bus stop half the kids had coats on.  The high was 89.  I swear I was probably way more annoyed than I should be but REALLY?!?!?)

Anywho, enjoy the weekend winter aka Halloween, Thanksgiving or as I like to call it Bingegiving, and Christmas are right around the corner.

Also, this lovely lady nominated for an award today!

Musings of a Dancing Wino

I have found such wonderful people since I started posting again.  Seriously.  These are funny, witty, smart, kick ass people.  The above is no different.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  You should check her out.

I am not great at the award thing (SUCH a blogger thing to say)  but I wanted to bring attention to her, because she is friggin awesome.  Click her, like her, follow her, and thank me later.

I am thinking about doing an introduction blog with all my new people, but not sure how people like that.  I will take a poll.  Later, because I procrastinate and to do any different I may melt or turn into dust, or grow a 3rd arm or something.

Things I think you should see.

(Don’t hate me for that one)

Dangit Jesse….



Shut the front door and the damned back door.  Rock-a-fire whathappenedtoyou??  Do you Mitzi Mozarella.

This is the MGMT version.  This may have broken the space–time continuum.


And remember folks.  We all love our electronics, but let’s not become This damned bad.

As Always,

Woman on Pause



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For the Love

OF ALL THAT IS DECENT AND HOLY.  I  have been trying to post over and over and over again.

I tried to post the other day about how I had driven 932 miles in 10 days doing the “Prisoner Exchange.”  We really say it jokingly and lovingly about taking the kids to their parents/families.  But I have logged some serious miles recently.

But every time I try and type *Just saved Draft* something goes wrong.

The eaten post is there, but half finished.  No clue why, I saw it post correctly.

I tried today, and started to type, and the computer shut down.  (This poor thing is on its last legs.  Like begging to be shot, all jacked up, please put it out of its misery shot.)

I tried again after I booted BACK up from “Start Windows Normally” and then the power went out.

I then screamed obscenities at said computer and the daily, crazy, lightning storms we have been getting.

Then I tried again.

*Saving Draft*

And I don’t remember what it was I was going to say.

Oh yeah, it is a countdown.  Not the Final Countdown, the icky song by Europe.  But a countdown none the less.

The kids are back to school August 8th.

But that day doesn’t count.  Half day.

August 9th, will be the day.

I sit in a coma and watch “Lost” for the 6 hours I have to MYSELF.  JUST MEEEEEE.

Then August 10th and 11th, is the weekend.

But then THEN….

August 12th.  The day it all begins.

*Saving Draft*

Not only my Birthday,

But the day I start writing again.

I have 6 hours a day.  If I can spend at least three hours a day on writing every day, 5 days a week, I might be able to find out if this is something I can do.

And I have been looking forward to that more than you all will ever know.

Hope all of you are well and enjoying your summer.  If this computer doesn’t die on me, I will be back soon.  On to 3.5 hour football practice.


*Saving Draft*

As Always,

Woman on Pause

Play Ball

It is something.  Watching your child work so hard.  Seeing him put the time in.  Seeing him be picked as the best of the best.

We have spent the last 15 out of 18 days at the ball park for little league.  This is on top of already completing the season. This was All Stars. The majors of little league.  The show.

I watched prideful fathers prepare the fields, paint the fences, and work hard with their boys.  Hour after hour.  The boys working hard, running, fielding, pitching, hitting, batting cages, no swimming on game days, hydrating starting 4 hours prior to a game, etc. etc.

Until the big day.  The moment of truth.

Game 1 – Victory!  Our team played beautifully.  Everyone on the team moved like a well oiled machine.  Fielding, hitting, you name it, they nailed it.  My boy hit great and caught the game winning catch.  It was amazing.  I have never been so proud. I have also never jumped up and shouted. Literally, I jumped up and shouted.

I made a itty bitty spectacle of myself, and didn’t care one bit.  That’s MY Boy.


Game 2 – Well……..  Not the best game.  9am 4th of July.  They seemed tired.  I think perhaps they over trained until, well, just over it.  We have been at the ball park FOREVER.

 photo sandlot-forever-o_zps0265233b.gif

And whomever gets the above, gets this post.

We lost game 2. Double elimination, we are still in the game.  There is still a chance they can win the division and go down state to play for the grand title.  State Champions.

Game 3

My boy is starting off pitcher.  It doesn’t go well.  8 runs given up by the 2nd inning.  He is starting to cry.  It hurts my heart so badly, but a part of me knows this type of situation, this disappointment, is good for kids.  As much as it rips apart my  heart to see him hold back tears, to see the frustration.  I know that he is building a set of standards for himself that include hard work, perseverance, and the desire to do well.  He wants something, and it isn’t happening.

Such is life.  Hard lessons are hard learned.

We lose.

Oddly, everyone including the kids seemed relived.

This is something that my son and his father do together.  We, me and his father, haven’t been together for many  many years.  But this is their thing.

Every single one of those kids looked relieved.  Happy that there were no more two hour practices.  Happy they didn’t see their buddy throw up doritos after a 30 minute run after an hour practice. Happy their summer can TRULY begin.

They are 11.


I understand preparation, pride, and wanting to win. Working hard for what you feel your kids deserve.

But I also think, sometimes it is a bit much for kids their age.

But, alas, he wants to do it, and I am thrilled he and his father have this time.

I don’t have anything like this with him.  They have this and no one can take it away.

All I can do is be there, encourage, and take a million pictures.

Give him a big smile, and hugs.

And shoo the gnats from my toes.


At the end of the day, when all is said and done…

All you can do is, Play Ball.


As Always,


Woman on Pause.

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Who needs a Bra anyway?

I am now about a month into staying at home, versus working. 

A recap.  I have worked my entire life.  Literally.  Family business = no child labor laws.  I was working a cash register on a step stool at 9.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t factory work, but I have just always worked. 

Now I don’t.

And it is weird.


Seriously, I just put on my bra.  10:35am. 

I want to do all the things with the kids.  But I have found this is unrealistic.  I had 1,224,736 things planned for this summer.

We have done two. 

But that being said, we have been quite busy.

I just helped throw a baby shower and I actually made this.


I couldn’t find the letters at the craft store, so I printed out the template, cut it out, and then cut out the letters.

I told her next time she has a kid, It will be named, “Joe.”

I also made 10lbs of those meatballs in grape jelly and bbq sauce, SO GOOD.  I even did fondue. 

This week, I really hope to be able to start the summer.  Not this running around thing that we seem to do every day.  As in preparing to run, running, laying down after running. 

Since I never know what day of the week it is anymore, I am going to hope that the Summer I envisioned starts around July 4th. 

I may need to set my phone to remind me.  And to remind me to put on my bra. 


As Always,


Woman on Pause

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Go Funk Yourself

SAH Log Day 28
(Stay at Home)

I have been in a funk.  For a few reasons.  None more prevalent than the fact I am in pain.  If you are new to this revelation, let me give you a summary.

  • Car Wreck 2007 – Wrecked my Hip
  • Exploratory surgery 2009, removed mass, put in anchor, 2 tears in this area.


  • Another surgery 2011 when the first one didn’t make a damned bit of difference.
  • Current – 8 cm of my squish shock bearing labrum is gone.  Bone on bone.
  • Have to get another surgery to inject cartilage.  When ever I have a chance to get a home nurse because no one else can help with eight weeks no weight bearing. – yeah because that shit is going to happen, at the end of NEVER.
  • If the above doesn’t work, hip replacement.

I take nothing but motrin for this.  Nothing else.  I was on pain medication prior to my last surgery.  Decided I couldn’t keep taking it, because what is the point.  So been 2 years since any pain medication intervention.   So I hurt a lot.  And I limp.

Funk Reason #2 I have had a bit of a hard time assimilating to this new role I have.

While I should be just all giddy and thrilled I am not working and spending time with the boys, I wasn’t aware that I was going to become a Kid Bitch.

It isn’t pretty, but it is true.  But not their fault.  Mine.

I had these awesome, pinterest pinned ideas about how we would spend this summer.  As an unknown, I just assumed.

You know what happens when you assume.

I have been a kid runner.  I had so many things I wanted to do, so many things I wanted to accomplish, and I feel I have done none of these, nor lived up to my vision or what I assume others vision of what I would be doing.

Football, Baseball, Basketball camp, sleepovers, Nana’s, beach, pool, kids wanting to visit friends, mandatory family outings, grocery store, laundry, Three meals a day, house cleaning, running, running, running.

Something, lots of things. I know none of this sounds bad, but this is ALL I HAVE DONE.

I finally took an hour to get a pedicure last Thursday.  In the first 10 minutes I get a call.

“I need my bat bag.  It is in your car.”

The rest doesn’t matter.  I couldn’t even get 10 minutes. Not 10 minutes in 20 solid days.

Needless to say, it all started to get to me.

Then I spoke to my hubs.  Who is not perfect, but by far my saving grace and biggest cheer leader.  The one.

He reminded me *I* am important too.
I owe no one.
I can’t do it all.
I am a good mom.
I am a good wife.
I am CEO of this house and I need to run it to benefit me too.
He is only worried about my happiness.

And I felt better.

All of my other woes will be sorted out one way or the other.  But I finally had a paradigm shift.

I Can’t Do It All.

And that is ok.

Sometimes life just isn’t perfect.  But what is?

As always,

Woman on Pause.

PS.  Sorry for the rant, but this was one of the exact reasons I started to blog again.  A diary of sorts.  A timeline of recovery and discovery.

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