Part 2 – Holy Shit I Quit my Job




So.  Now that the luster has worn off of my newest announcement, I have some things to share.

To catch up, Part 1 – Holy Shit I quit my job

First off, the Hubs is so supportive.  I mean like crazy supportive.  I feel like we are diving into the unknown, and he is all, “It’s all good love.”  While that is WONDERFUL, that isn’t how I am built.  This is probably why we work so well together.  Ying and Yang and all that mess. He is chill, I am the picture above.

That is really it.  I am freaking out in my mind right now.  I am half excited as hell, half scared to death.  But I told my mom on the phone today, as she was asking if I saved enough for my taxes, I think this is the right thing to do.  This feels right.

I don’t know if this will work out how we planned, a summer with the boys, a surgery, then back to school.  But, I don’t think it is a bad thing.

The bad part.  I have horrible short timer’s disease at work.


I’ve gots to go!!!!

Not the kind you would think though.

Ever been in a groove at work for so long, once you are popped out of the norm, everything is a hot damned mess?  Forgetting things you never used to forget, just all shook up in the brain area.  I don’t mind working, or helping my co-workers with this transition.  I am just at this particular time, mind fucked.  So many things to think about, worries, concerns, anticipation, etc.

I have never made a change like this in my life, (Willingly).

This is uncharted territory my friends.

I do hope that you guys will stick with me during all this.  Because if you haven’t noticed, I am a bit neurotic.  What, me?  Yes.  A Hella lot.

But I also know you only live once.  NO YOLO.  Just, you only live once.  And I am banking on that while I navigate this craziness.

Blogs, updates, writing to follow.  I hope you follow along with me.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

A Farewell to Facebook

I was reading “The Less than Domestic Goddess” yesterday and her post was about how she realized it had been one year since she quit Facebook.  ( – I suggest this blog, She is great)

This revelation got me thinking.  What exactly am I getting from Facebook?  I talk to people who are close to me, and honestly if I’m not, I should be.  I shouldn’t rely upon the internet and social media to maintain relationships. 

So, I made the decision to take some time off.  I am going to stay away for a year.  I made all of my photos private, except for the one’s that didn’t include the kids, cleaned up my profile, confirmed my security settings and posted the following quote, “Remember, Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

And I meant it. 

Basically, there is too much of this life to live to be worried about how my ex-boyfriend from High School’s dog is doing since it fell ill.  Or how someone I haven’t seen since grammar school is peeved about the red light in her neighborhood.  Why do I need to know this?  That’s right, I don’t.

Also, it became some odd habit to check it all the time. Did someone post on my wall?  Did I get a picture comment? 

Really? I am 34, I realized no matter how many other people do this, it make me feel silly.

So, I decided to spend any time I was going to spend on Facebook, writing, or cultivating ideas about writing.  I may still surf my regular break sites like,,, etc. but for the most part I have bid adieu to Facebook. 

Wish me luck, just don’t post it on my wall. 

I won’t see it.  😉


As Always,

Woman on Pause