Watch your ass. Er Boots. Whatever.

I put this as my facebook status tonight.  After today, I am so drained.

“Sometimes when life kicks you in the ass, you go to bed and say, ‘Tomorrow I wear the boots.'”

This was a Sarah Original statement.  I have honestly not been this upset about something in a while.

That being said, I hate to dwell.  Dwellers suck.

Tomorrow beach with my Bug.  This is my nickname for my only born child.  My 11 year old.  Just me and him.  Such a treasure.  We never get one on one time.

And in light of my downer Boooooooooooooo posts, I am here to bring the weird whatever nonsense of the internet.  Enjoy!

If you were born between 1975 and 1982 – 1977 REPRESENT!

The Bloggess.  Have you not been here?  Go here.  Quickly.  Oh and buy her book.  No, I don’t know her, but I found her book first and loved it.  Now I am a peon and proud of it!   She is beyond awesome.

Um, stop.  Right the hell now.

And I know, Paula Deen.  But then I saw this.  I swear as God as my witness I thought he was Gay.   Really hard to tell with a GA/SC man.  I don’t know why, I think it is the accent.  God I love my Gays. Kinda saddened by this.

I know this is just a wrap up, but I missed connecting, blogging, writing, posting.  Taking tomorrow for my boy.  See you all on Saturday!!

I mean Caturday.


As Always,

Woman on Pause.

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Current Event Confusion

So, I know we have all heard about the Paula Deen scandal.  She admitted under oath to using the N Word while also admitting she wanted a wedding with all black servers that brought up the vision of slavery.  This was while testifying in a lawsuit against her (I believe) and her brother for sexual harassment, etc. at their place of business.  Lady and Son’s Restaurant in Savannah, GA.


The backlash for this was for her to lose almost all of her business associations, which I had no clue there were a TON of.  She also didn’t have her contract renewed at Food Network.

Some feel this is justified punishment, some feel she was vilified.

She made racial slurs (at some point and time in her life per testimony) and spoke recently about the wedding idea.


This isn’t ok.  In any shape or form.  You can’t do this.  Sorry Paula.  I have loved me some Paula Deen as long as I can remember and have used several recipes for family functions.  Several.  But this kind of behavior isn’t ok.  Sorry Paula.

Regarding the backlash, well what exactly did she expect?

Then there is Alec Baldwin.  Whom I find funny, smart, and quick as hell.  Always enjoyed his comedy/acting.

Note:   I was going to put a funny Alec Baldwin meme relevant to this story, but there wasn’t one.  Not one… 

He recently went on a twitter tirade, I like to call it a Twitterade, at a Daily Mail writer about an article that alleged his wife was tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral.

It went a little something like this.

“[I’d] put my foot up your f—ing ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much,” the actor tweeted shortly after the Daily Mail’s article was published. “I’m gonna find you George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I’m gonna f–k you … up.”

Additionally he called out to recruit “all my followers and beyond to straighten out this f—king little b–ch, George Stark.”

Um, this is gay bashing at its finest amirite?  Toxic Little Queen?  Foot up your ass but you would dig it too much?  Yeah…

But wait!  He apologized.

As for his last ill-advised tweeting statements through that page, the “Blue Jasmine” star added in his GLAAD apology that, “as someone who fights against homophobia, I apologize … I would not advocate violence against someone for being gay and I hope that my friends at GLAAD and the gay community understand that my attack on Mr. Stark in no way was the result of homophobia.”

GLAAD responded to Baldwin’s apology by saying he is “making it clear that the intent behind his tweets does not excuse his language” and “there are now other visible actions that he should take to fight anti-gay violence and GLAAD looks forward to working with him.”

What the fuck?  You asked all your twitter followers to find this bitch and straighten him out.  Is there a new meaning for this?

But yet, I am still watching him hock Capital One credit cards on TV.

I suppose my confusion is this.  Why not vilify them both? Why one and not the other?  If Paula Deen was like “this” with Tina Fey would it make what she did less horrible?

Isn’t hate, hate?

While doing research for this post, I try and be accurate if at all possible, I ran across an article     Read more:

Why conservatives?  What?  Why aren’t all people upset by this equally?

Is it ok to hate on the LGBT community but not African Americans?


I am just a woman from a small Florida town, not affiliating with Republican or Democrat, and I have a problem with the difference in reaction. I am not saying that both have to be fired/sponsor dropped or nothing should be done.  I think my confusion is with public outcry for one and not the other.

Am I missing something?

As Always,

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My Date with Anthony Bourdain

This past week I was more than stoked to have tickets to see Anthony Bourdain’s show, “No Guts, No Glory.”

My husband knows I am slightly obsessed with him, and for an early Mother’s Day gift he got me two tickets to the show.  Hubs said, “Grab a girlfriend, and get out of the house for a night.”

And in all of his awesome glory, BAM two tickets to paradise.  OK, I don’t think of it as paradise, but just an awesome damned time.  But when you are typing, thinking or saying, “Two Tickets” Eddie Money just comes barreling through.  It is a fact people.


Get outta mah head Eddie.

So, I grab a girlfriend and we are out for a night with Anthony. Tony, to his friends.

We had dinner and a cocktail near the venue then walked over to the show.

I belly up to the bar and order an insanely expensive double Grey Goose and cranberry.  First off, let me say this.  My intention was this was my only beverage for the night and at $18.00 plus tip, that should wrap it up.   I could nurse it through the hour and a half show, no problem. It isn’t like it is the world’s most expensive cocktail… Until it felt like one.

Liquid Gold.  Most Expensive Cocktail.

Liquid Gold. Most Expensive Cocktail.

For pic above.  REALLY??

Until I got to the theater doors and they said I couldn’t bring it in.  Whattttt???  I just bought it three feet away, but I can’t bring it into the magical room in the back?!?!  What kind of fuckery is this?

So, we step to the back of the gathering area and I chug it.  I know, not bright, but dammit I paid twenty bucks for it, I am not tossing it.  And no I couldn’t share, my girlfriend is pregnant.  And I don’t even like Cranberry that much with my vodka, but it was a limited selection and I knew my urinary tract would thank me later.

So, I am slightly buzzed and super stoked as we sit down.  I take a picture as he walks on stage and send it to Hubs with the message, “Yayayayayay!!!!!”

Our seats are pretty good, and I can see he is wearing boots, the boots on the intro to No Reservations.  I am getting all FanGirl at this point. This is so damned awesome.  And there is a huge screen behind him, and he has one of those Brittany Spears ear/mouth pieces, but in a neutral tone, because well, this is a show for adults.

After a brief intro he begins to talk about Paula Deen.


Wasn’t this news around two years ago??


We have all seen the gifs, amirite?

Note:  I have read Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw more than once and seen every episode of Cooks Tour and No Reservations about a billion times.

And the slideshow behind him backs up his witty wisps at Mrs. Deen, which I have no affiliation with the Deens and found it funny, but more so two years ago.

Ok, no problem, I shake it off.   Next subject is a story about his experience on his show, which I have also heard several times.

My heart sinks.

This is like seeing a comedian and begging a friend to go see them next time they are in town months later because it was so awesome, but to find out that it is the exact SAME material.

For one hour I re-heard his entire monologue.  Which kind of seemed to be fed to him through his ear piece.  It wasn’t exactly bad, just not the cool, breezy, way he normally speaks when I see his show.

Ok, so I shouldn’t be shocked he is human and maybe isn’t as awesome as the editors of his show portray him to be.  But I loved his books, I was so confused.

So we take a break and decide to leave.

I had a sad.

I didn’t want to sit through another hour of things I already knew, and then a painful Q&A afterwards.  Which, hey, I left it may have been kick ass.  But this is the South, and frankly I didn’t see it going smoothly.

So, at the end of the day I still love Anthony Bourdain’s show and books, but it will be a cold day in Hades before I spend another $200 bucks to see him live.

C’est La vie.

PS.  We left the arena and as we are headed through downtown, I see a man squatting and taking a poo under a very bright light by the bus station.  I know this because he was crouched, pants down, and had what looked like a handfull of Bounty Select-a-Size napkins balled up in his hand.  I wish I could provide photographic proof, but as my friend pointed out, “You suck for not taking a picture of that.”

I was just too stunned.  Or maybe feeling icky from downing a double vodka and cran in three minutes.  Maybe both.

As Always,

Woman on Pause