What the Hell Happened??

I am minding my own business, watching Breaking Bad, because it is awesome and if you aren’t watching it, you should.  I did a post recently about Lost and how I avoided it for years because everyone loved it.

Didn’t make that mistake with BB. Best damned show I have seen in a while.  Bump all that noise.  Best written show I have seen in a long damned time.


Remember when TV was only Full House, Blossom, Eight is Enough, That horrible Dinosaur show I can’t remember its name.  Etc. Etc.

Now, that being said, the onset of reality TV depending on what camp you reside in, hasn’t exactly heightened TV watching.  I mean I stuck with Real Housewives of OC because it was awesome at first and it was like watching a very slow, very stiff faced train wreck.

Note:  I can’t watch it anymore, it is stupid.  STUPID.

That being said, networks like AMC have been bringing the Goods.  I am a fan of Mad Men.  Even though, they need to wrap that shit up.  I am kinda getting over it.  Don, find yourself and do something with it or GTFO.  I say that, and then the new season will start and I will fangirl all over again.

I really don’t watch a lot of TV.  You wouldn’t know it with this post, and posts from the past, but it is about 5% of my time.

But when I DO sit down to watch it, it better be good.

Or, I will leave on Diner’s Drive-In’s and Drives while I am cleaning or zoning out totally.  Normally these are days my hip is such a bitch I can’t even follow a decent plot.



I digress.  This entire post was supposed to be about how my Facebook literally blew up about Miley Cyrus doing whatever it was that she was doing, and how absolutely horrible it was.

It wasn’t instantly available, (WTF internet) so I had to wait until today to witness the carnage.

But what is even ODDER is how I now see people getting up in arms over one position or the other.

Oh, it isn’t that big of a deal.
Oh, she is the antichrist.
Oh, her butt is a raw chicken

I am talking heated heated debates.  People getting MAD.

Then, people getting mad that people are talking about Miley’s chicken ass instead of Syria.


Hey, I know what happened in Syria.  I may not be discussing it on Facebook, but at the same time I am not posting rants on my feed about Miley’s chicken ass.

The world is coming to an end.  And if that is the case, I must leave you with this.  Because I saw it, and now I can’t unsee it.  And now you can’t either.

5 days.


As Always,

Woman on Pause



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Speaking of Lost…

*Another post that WordPress ate.  Thank goodness I saved it.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR….

I realize I am about nine to four years late to this discussion, but I just finished Lost on Netflix.


Lost to me, was one of those shows that you couldn’t pay me to watch.  Like Heroes.  Which I still refuse to watch, but alas, as I look over my shoulder, there it is in my Netflix que.  I am a brat like that.  Tell me it is great, pushaw, I will not watch what EVERYONE is watching.

You will find me over at the Indie Channel, because I am awesome like that.

(No I am not btw, just a brat)


Speaking of spoilers, while I appreciate this warning, if a show is this old, how long do you have to shield people from opinions, etc?  Is there a time frame on this?

I don’t even know if this will have spoilers, I just can’t be bothered to worry about it so the warning remains.

I really loved Lost.


As much as it pains me to say, I thought this show was well written, and I got hooked.  My stepson was watching it, and I was all, “Pushaw pushaw.”  He said, “Just watch one episode.”

Bam.  Hooked.

Six seasons, with around fifteen or more episodes per season, finished just on Monday.

I cried.

I tend to cry at the last episodes of shows.  I am not sure why.  I am assuming the same reason I can cry at a Publix commercial or a Hallmark commercial.

I even refuse to watch movies that MIGHT make me cry.

Marley and Me.  Hell no
In her Shoes.  Nuh uh.
Any movie with soft music in the trailer. NOPE

I cry at most series finales except Seinfeld, I mean I loved that show but what a stinker of a finale.  I was happy to cry at the end of Lost and put it away and enjoy the fact that I FINISHED!!


Wait, Lost I’m gonna let you finish, but Newhart had the best season finale of all time.
(I will be so impressed if anyone remembers this.)


Point being, it was really a great show.  And I am not sure if I would have followed it when it aired.  I hate commercials.  And you can binge watch any show you like on Netflix.  (That is with the exception of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.  I will do commercials for these.  That’s about it)


I do not recommend binge watching unless you have a day or four hundred to sit down and just get flat out addicted to the characters, story line, & ending.

Then the inevitable feeling of confusion once a show ends.

“What am I going to do now? All these other shows suck.  I want more of the one I just watched 578 episodes of.”

It is irrational, but that is how I felt.

Either way, if you haven’t seen it I recommend it.  But hang in there on Season 5. It drags.  Quite a bit.  I had to pass the hubs, because he lost interest and I was BOUND and determined to FINISH it.  And Finish it I did.

*Sniff Sniff*

I even had a dream about the black smoke monster.

That is how invested I was.

Any shows anyone can recommend for me to become addicted to next?  I am caught up on Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black (Fabulous show btw).

Any thoughts? We can talk about the ending of Lost because I gave that warning up there.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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I Have Work Herpes

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately.  Reaching out my bloggy tentacles to try and expand my mind and get to know my fellow bloggers.  (Better Off Dead, “He put his testicles all over me.  TESTICLES?  You know, octopus… OH you mean tentacles.”)



Did you see what happened there?   Off the rails in the first paragraph.  I do believe I have WADHD.  Writing Attention Deficit Disorder.  Pronounced, Wahhhhduh.

Anywho, I have so many things in my head.  I want to blog about all of the things.  When I try and focus on one thing it seems dull and unappealing. Like David Hasselhoff’s little toe.  I mean who cares about that?!?!

But the ideas keep coming and flowing in a breakneck speed.  Dare I say, manic speed.

Here’s a little glimpse.  I am just going to type it out as it comes.  I can feel my 12 readers going to 2 as we speak…

PS.  Going to put random pictures in this list.  Seems like it will make it more interesting. They are not cohesive.  Don’t try and figure out what it all means.

  • How am I going to spend three months every day with my kids, when the most time I have spent with them in a row is a week?
  • Am I going to be able to handle Domesticity?  How is that a word?  No red squiggly it must be a word.  I am a genius.
  • Buzzfeed, how do you lure me in with your cutesy posts.  CONSTANTLY.
  • Food Network and the Cooking Channel, why do I watch you?  You make me hungry and sad and I can’t make the fabulousness.  Cheddar crust.  REALLY???? Red Chili Honey??  Give me a fucking break.

I actually, purposefully searched Penguins in Sweaters. I may be insane.

  • NPR Short Fiction contest – how is there already a deadline.  This is too much pressure.  But I can’t not submit because that is lame bullshit.  IT IS ONLY 600 words.  I have already typed like 700.  Ok, I just looked down and it is 265 but it feels like a ton.
  • I hate my current wordpress theme.  Loved it, now hate it.  Looks like a 1988 portfolio that a sad unemployed business man carried around.
  • Will my 17 readers recognize me if I change it?!?! <—–Recognizes this is insanity.
  • Short timer’s disease – It is a disease and I have caught it at work.  I can’t wait to get the fuck out.  So much so, I spend as little time at my desk as possible.  I have work herpes.
  • Why do cleaning product commercials only show women cleaning?

I love your bracelet…

  • How will those three women kept captive in Cleveland ever feel normal again?
  • How is there that much evil in the world, in ONE person?
  • How do I protect my kids from that kind of evil?  That goes beyond stranger danger.
  • Am I going to weigh 341 lbs from not working and eating, cooking, baking, constantly?
  • Pinterest – The abyss of awesomeness
  • Pinterest – Making women feel sub-par since late 2011.
  • Holy shit I quit my job.  While already covered I am still freaking out.

Baby + Beer + Meme = damned funny.

  • Year End Teachers gifts, is this necessary?  If it isn’t, why do I feel like shit when I don’t give or forget to give.
  • Year End Teacher’s gifts, I forgot last year, is this why my kids got cruddy-ish teachers this year?
  • Why am I not writing right now?
  • Why aren’t I doing laundry right now?
  • Why am I not making lunches right now?
  • Why am I not making an actual decent readable blog right now?

Ok, I think you get it.  That was like four minutes of my mind.

I like to call it Blomit – Blog Vomit

It isn’t pretty and I am pretty sure it is nonsense, but it is me.

I swear I will have a cohesive post next.  Promisimo.  Like pinky swear.


As Always,

Woman on Pause

Two Days

Two days until my big announcement.  Major life change is in motion.  Stay tuned.

Good stuff.


Tick Tock Tick Tock

Until then, please find the following, hopefully for your amusement.  For some reason as I type this, I hear elevator music.

That’s right, Mad Men is on.  Sweet!  GOT, will have to wait for On Demand.  Sorry guys Don Draper has dibs on my Sunday nights.

Enjoy!  The internet baked these fresh for you.  

Since we mentioned Mad Men – Pete Campbell, you teen hearthrob you.  Who knew?

How YOU doin?

Blossom Meets HBO’s Girls – A bit long in the tooth, but worth the view.


Didn’t ask for a dime.  Two Dollars (Paper Boy scene from Better off Dead)  Not sure where this nostalgic streak is going but the next link may be to the lost scene from WKRP in Cincinnati.  Link below this odd observiation. 


Screw it.  As God as my witness I thought Turkey’s could fly.  WKRP in Cincinnati.  I may be dating myself with this one…

Stay Classy Internet,

Woman on Pause

Photo credits on the photo themselves.  I am finally ruling the internet.  BAM