Speaking of Lost…

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I realize I am about nine to four years late to this discussion, but I just finished Lost on Netflix.


Lost to me, was one of those shows that you couldn’t pay me to watch.  Like Heroes.  Which I still refuse to watch, but alas, as I look over my shoulder, there it is in my Netflix que.  I am a brat like that.  Tell me it is great, pushaw, I will not watch what EVERYONE is watching.

You will find me over at the Indie Channel, because I am awesome like that.

(No I am not btw, just a brat)


Speaking of spoilers, while I appreciate this warning, if a show is this old, how long do you have to shield people from opinions, etc?  Is there a time frame on this?

I don’t even know if this will have spoilers, I just can’t be bothered to worry about it so the warning remains.

I really loved Lost.


As much as it pains me to say, I thought this show was well written, and I got hooked.  My stepson was watching it, and I was all, “Pushaw pushaw.”  He said, “Just watch one episode.”

Bam.  Hooked.

Six seasons, with around fifteen or more episodes per season, finished just on Monday.

I cried.

I tend to cry at the last episodes of shows.  I am not sure why.  I am assuming the same reason I can cry at a Publix commercial or a Hallmark commercial.

I even refuse to watch movies that MIGHT make me cry.

Marley and Me.  Hell no
In her Shoes.  Nuh uh.
Any movie with soft music in the trailer. NOPE

I cry at most series finales except Seinfeld, I mean I loved that show but what a stinker of a finale.  I was happy to cry at the end of Lost and put it away and enjoy the fact that I FINISHED!!


Wait, Lost I’m gonna let you finish, but Newhart had the best season finale of all time.
(I will be so impressed if anyone remembers this.)


Point being, it was really a great show.  And I am not sure if I would have followed it when it aired.  I hate commercials.  And you can binge watch any show you like on Netflix.  (That is with the exception of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.  I will do commercials for these.  That’s about it)


I do not recommend binge watching unless you have a day or four hundred to sit down and just get flat out addicted to the characters, story line, & ending.

Then the inevitable feeling of confusion once a show ends.

“What am I going to do now? All these other shows suck.  I want more of the one I just watched 578 episodes of.”

It is irrational, but that is how I felt.

Either way, if you haven’t seen it I recommend it.  But hang in there on Season 5. It drags.  Quite a bit.  I had to pass the hubs, because he lost interest and I was BOUND and determined to FINISH it.  And Finish it I did.

*Sniff Sniff*

I even had a dream about the black smoke monster.

That is how invested I was.

Any shows anyone can recommend for me to become addicted to next?  I am caught up on Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black (Fabulous show btw).

Any thoughts? We can talk about the ending of Lost because I gave that warning up there.

As Always,

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