Procrastinators meet every other, whenever

I am actually completing a blog from 2010 today.  I did a “10 Things I Hate” blog, actually chopped it into two posts and still never got around to #9 and #10.

I think a three year procrastination deserves some sort of award.  Or medal, or something.  That has to be a record. Oh wait, there’s my crown…

This is SO me.

So, without further ado,

#9 – Bra’s
Sorry fellas, even though feel free to chime in with your issues with the over the shoulder boulder holder as well.  Why does it take a nuclear physicist to find me the right bra size?  For that matter why can’t I find MY correct bra size???  I buy a bra that seems to fit, bring it home.  The next day by 10 a.m. I realize there is a metal spike in my back that is determined to carve out, “HELP ME” in tiny scrapes.

My old bra broke that actually did all the things I need my bra to do.  (This was not out of constant use and abuse just about every work day for three years.  Nope, not the reason.)

I had to use a pretty, lace, scratchy, push up bra.  I took it off tonight and BAM, I have craters in my shoulders.  Valleys where the straps dug into me like they were pannin for gold.  Ugggh, time to go bra shopping.

Mmm Hmm

Mmm Hmm

#10 – Can you believe I got nothin?  I have squat.  

Wait for it.  Writers block!  That’s it.  No, I am not just trying to fill space, I swear it just came to me as I was typing it out.  I have also noticed recently that I can’t remember things as well as I used to.  Not, in a severe, lets jaunt over to the Neurologist forgetting, but that old adage about walking into a room and forgetting why.  That has been me lately.  Writer’s Block and the attention span of a gnat. Two for the price of one.

Sounds to me like an excuse for a vacation.  Clear the mind.  Then we can all laugh along here when all the goo falls out on future posts.


Truth. It’s what’s for dinner.

One more,


Ha! God I miss these comics.

As always,

Woman on Pause