Two Days

Two days until my big announcement.  Major life change is in motion.  Stay tuned.

Good stuff.


Tick Tock Tick Tock

Until then, please find the following, hopefully for your amusement.  For some reason as I type this, I hear elevator music.

That’s right, Mad Men is on.  Sweet!  GOT, will have to wait for On Demand.  Sorry guys Don Draper has dibs on my Sunday nights.

Enjoy!  The internet baked these fresh for you.  

Since we mentioned Mad Men – Pete Campbell, you teen hearthrob you.  Who knew?

How YOU doin?

Blossom Meets HBO’s Girls – A bit long in the tooth, but worth the view.

Didn’t ask for a dime.  Two Dollars (Paper Boy scene from Better off Dead)  Not sure where this nostalgic streak is going but the next link may be to the lost scene from WKRP in Cincinnati.  Link below this odd observiation.

Screw it.  As God as my witness I thought Turkey’s could fly.  WKRP in Cincinnati.  I may be dating myself with this one…

Stay Classy Internet,

Woman on Pause

Photo credits on the photo themselves.  I am finally ruling the internet.  BAM