My Love Affair. The IRS Version.

I am 38 years old.  I have been filing taxes since I was 17.  That is 21 years of tax love between me and the IRS.  If the IRS and I had a baby it would be of legal drinking age this year.  I have a feeling she would be a difficult child.


I would hope that child would get my sense of humor and the IRS’s knack for numbers.

I am trying to have a sense of humor regarding my taxes.  I am waiting on a sizable refund and short story long, we submitted 01/30/16.  They flagged us, then admitted it was their mistake, and said they would reprocess.  That takes me to today.  04/04/16.  Over 65 days since we filed.  I am making my weekly call as we speak.  Trying to understand, trying to be patient.



I am currently listening to the soothing sound of IRS hold music while trying as hard as I can to remember not to have a single SMIDGE of attitude towards whomever gets my call.  Because last person you want to piss off is the IRS.  Hell we didn’t even do anything incorrectly and our 3K is being held hostage.

Held just because…

Current time on Hold:  22 Minutes

Talking to a lovely woman (no sarcasm) but have again been placed on hold
Current time on Hold: 32 Minutes

This being my 4th call, we just found out that they had our wrong address.  Which is TOTES weird since, A. We filed with our current (new) address.  And B. I have made 4 other filth flarn and filth calls and this has NEVER come up.

I am trying so hard to let this go.  But, we never received a notification there was a problem (we still have a mail forward in, so we would have received it) we keep calling, being reassured it isn’t our fault.  And they’re working on it.

I have decided it has been placed upon the desk of a person I can only assume, unfortunately had a rather nasty attack of Shingles, and has been out of the office since 2/22/16.

My return is in the 2nd stack to the left under the black folder.  I can see my name.

I swear it is lost.  None of this makes any sense.

I was just told there is NOTHING they can do.  They are allowed the 9 weeks to reprocess my return.  Even if it is their fault.  And if it still has no movement by 4/11 then they have 45 days to research.  Dear LORD give me patience and liquor.

Current time on Hold: 45 minutes

I was given a number for a “Taxpayer Advocate” number. Estimated wait time 2-4 minutes with the Advocate.


I will keep everyone updated.  All 3 followers I have left because I have been chilling with Netflix and my head in the sand for the last 6 months.

PS. “Love” and “The Ranch” were surprisingly good series on Netflix.  Give em a shot.

As Always,

Woman on Pause



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Update: WordPress induced anger – I Did it!!!!!!

So.  Thought I would change my theme.  Great, you say.  Change is good you say.  Then WHY IS IT I can’t get that damned glass of iced tea off of my background.  I have a very cool picture that I want to put, did put, did save.


Until I go to edit then BAM there it is.

Anyone have any ideas here?  I really like this theme, but I am not sippin sweet tea right now, nor do I want to display it.

*Not that there is anything wrong with sweet tea.  I make a mean pitcher of tea.


I needed a breather and to figure all this mess out.  Not sure how much I like it, but I feel accomplished.  El yay!

As Always,

Woman on Pause

Update (#447) and a Cautionary Tale.

Well here we are.  Forth (and I can’t spell Fourth – This is what happens when you are hastily forced to post via word doc.  Grrrr…)  week into 2011 and  it has been two weeks since I have posted and that last one sucked.  Well, I had and have a real problem posting.  Clearly my computer is ate up with e-boli…

(authors note: I re-read and realized I jacked this word all up.  Clearly I am so upset by my computers revolt I created a disease made up of Ebola and E-Coli.  I didn’t want anyone to think it went un-noticed.  Please continue.)


…and refuses to let me log into WordPress.

Flat out refuses.


It does let me go onto facebook and spend twenty minutes flittering my time away.  At the end of which I feel like some creepy voyeur that has managed to peek into the windows of people I haven’t seen in fifteen years. 

I like facebook.  I have been on social networking sites for around six years now, but frankly it is losing its shine.  It is great if I see a friend announcing something special.  But if I go on and my 3rd grade nemesis is complaining again about how fake people are fake and she wishes that people would grow up…

Really?  I thought we were all so PC now that we stopped with the over-sharing statuses back in 2009? 

I think that was one notification Stacey missed. 

Since I haven’t actually seen her in over twenty years I will not be the one to point it out. Sorry Stacey I still can see the lead in my thumb from your little hissy fit back in 1982, I think we are done for one lifetime.

I want so badly to have the most witty wonderful things to pour out of my mind and get to you via my fingers typing on this very keyboard, but here lately I have been in a bit of a rut. 

Nothing serious.  Don’t get all concerned on me.  It has been in part not being able to post at home, and I am pretty busy at work now.  Which is awesome.  Better than the shelter I just knew we’d be living in had I not gained permanent employment.

(Vast over reactor <—- That would be me)

So, what do I have to say today?  What is the message, the point, the slice of life wonderfulness that should be contained in each and every post?

Watch out for Stacey.  She is a real bummer and I think a bit psychotic. She stabbed me over one of those rubber things you put over pencils that were so popular and even more neon back in the early 80’s. 

That’s about all I have for today.  But still revising my little short story fiction nugget I want everyone to feast upon.  I am hoping by this time next week, I should have it up for consumption.

Until then, use your turn signal, open doors for people, and find a way not to stab someone in the anything with a pencil.  The lead never comes out.  Just an FYI.


As always,

Woman on Pause


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