Story of a Facebook Reject

I decided yesterday to start a Woman on Pause page on facebook.  There have been some groups lately that have been reminiscing about Myspace blogging days.  And what I took out of this blast from the past was that I miss being able to say what I want on social media.  I know, Myspace is like your skeevy ex boyfriend you don’t like to be reminded of.  I feel the same way.  But, around 2005 – 2007 before everyone was on it, I used to blog.  And I read blogs, and interacted with what turned out to be friends to this day. 



You know it is bad when Tom doesn’t even log in. 


Right now, it is impossible for me to put what I want to say on Facebook.  Not that I have something really dirty or controversial to share, but I censor everything I put out there.  And really, anything I post is more pictures so in case my computer crashes again, I have them.

So, I decided to get away from my personal page and start a Woman on Pause page.

Not so fast, said facebook.

FB – You need a REAL name. 

Me – But that is the name I want to use.

FB – But that isn’t your REAL name.

Me – Wait, how do you know?

FB – Oh, I know.


It really wouldn’t let me start anything until I put in what Facebook deemed a REAL name. I conjured up a fake name, something similar to Woman on Pause so I could start my Woman on Pause page.

What kind of Fuckery is that? What do THEY care?  I used a made up name anyway.  It was frustrating to say the least.

Anywho, that being said, I finally managed to get the page going.



Please feel free to drop by, like the page, etc. etc.  I will be linking this blog and links to any writing I am doing or putting out there.  (See I haven’t abandoned my goals completely)  ((Yet…))

I will also be using this page to, wait for it…

To say what I feel like saying. 

And what is awesome about it, is while I love my Grandfather, Great Aunts, and former elementary school teachers, they won’t be inundated with my nonsense. 

Just you guys. 

You’re Welcome. 


As Always,


Woman on Pause



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