Hello again…

Anyone out there? I can’t imagine so. And nor do I blame you nameless faceless non- audience! I have filled the word press site with my stench of neglect for way too long.

Have I had a surgery? Yes. Is that an excuse? Nooooo. It most certainly isn’t. I also had the worst brain fart when it came to my password, and I couldn’t even remember the email address for it. Who does that? I happen to start this blog when I got an electronic bug up my ass to change my email. No one changes emails!

Needless to say you will be hearing more from me asap. I have a lot on the horizon and I am literally bursting at the seams to get all of this literary love and social commentary goo out of mah brain and into your willing eyes and psyche’s. Or is it psyches. Either way.

Bitch is back.

All love and smushy kisses,

Woman on pause.

P.S. It says hello again because it almost failed the original draft of this post. I see you Internet demon trying to stop me from posting after so long. I have my eye on you……