Two Steps Forward…

6,941,023 steps back.

Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration.  I googled it and that is over 500 miles.  I didn’t fall that far off the diet wagon.  But Lawdy did I fall.  It was all totally worth it though.  Great friends, some great BBQ, a fun evening out and about and then 3 bowls of macaroni and cheese the next day.


It was Sooo good.  And I figured, if I fell off the wagon, I should just crawl under it with a vat of homemade mac and cheese and make a day of it.

And that’s what I did.  But, I also washed my car inside and out and with all of the leaves and weird pollen pods everywhere I burned off at least 1/2 bowl of 1 serving of Mac. My car was a hot mess.  I knew it was bad, but until I got really into cleaning it I didn’t realize what a disaster the falling leaves and gunk had done to the crevices of my vehicle.



But with the cleansing of the vehicle I felt cleansed.  It is nice to make a fresh start for Monday.  Back at it, no matter how far behind I fall.

I wish all of you have a wonderful Monday.  And don’t be sad it’s Monday, be happy that we didn’t get obliterated by a Chinese Satellite last night.


As Always,

Woman on Pause

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Namaste. You Filthy Animal.

Good morning.  This will be my 2nd entry in a week.  Holy hell, I’m on a roll.  But not a yeast roll or a dinner roll because I am on a diet.  And the closest thing I get to bread is when I dream about it at night.  Mmmmmm bread. And don’t get me started on pasta.  *Sniff*

But enough about that.  Don’t worry I’m not crash dieting, per se.  I am just trying to get back on track.  Now that I sit all day and don’t clean, I had to improve my caloric intake.  It is just math folks.  And I am taking 15 minute walks daily.  I anticipate that being 30-45 min once the weather stays groovy.

But, that being said I started this blog for a whole other reason.  I have started to meditate.  And let me tell you something.

It is FAN-friggin-Tastic.  I meditate to sleep, I meditate in the morning, I meditate when I get overwhelmed.  I downloaded the app, Instant Timer, and I am in LOVE.

*Except I got a message from some Russian guy that said, “Thanks for meditating with me last night.”

Um, what?  On the app there is a list of people meditating at that moment and I guess he thought, “well let me message this stranger because it’s the internet and of course it has to get fucking weird.”

Ugh People.


The weather is getting warmer and I feel like I am starting to shake off the most chaotic winter I have ever experienced.  It was Cray Town.

But now the sun is shining, I am in love with it getting dark much later, and that all means…

It’s almost Beach time!!!

For the first time in about 2 years, I am planning on spending some quality time at the beach. I miss it terribly.  I miss every single thing about it.  Except, that thing that touches your foot and makes you leap out of the water screaming that you are going to die.  Oh, and sharks.


Which this is why I also started the diet and attempt to get off my ass and move around more.  See we’ve come full circle.  I love it when that happens.

As Always,

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Slim Shady

Come to find out when you stay at home, you can gain weight.

I wasn’t aware this was going to be an issue.  But it is.

I spent the entire summer in my favorite khaki shorts.  Love those things.  Cozy, comfy, a little bit cute too.  Or at least I think so.  Not too short, not too long.

We recently had a small dip in the temperature, and accordingly so, I dug out my jeans.  Fluffed them out, and got excited about how now I can wear pants.  It had been a while.  I used to wear jeans all the time at work.  It was a very business casual atmosphere.

Sweet, let’s get these puppies on.





Grab another pair.  Clearly THAT pair had shrunk or belonged to an 11 year old girl.

My most favorite pair, sweet.



They don’t fit.

Nor did the other 10 pairs I dug out and tried on.

I have no pants.

Well, I have one pair that I can button, but lawdy it is a hot ass mess around the muffin area.  HOT ASS MESS.



I have to lose weight.  I have too many cute pairs of pants to go and buy a new set.  I refuse.

So, starting Wednesday (Because Mondays are too much pressure.) Mama is back on her diet.  Nothing crazy.  No starvation here kids.  I am a grown ass woman, I am not going to starve.

But I have to make some serious changes to my diet.

I have to break up with Carbs.
Hey carbs, it isn’t you it’s me.  I love you too much and this relationship has become one of dysfunction and co-dependence.  I will still visit.  Just not as often, and I am not going to stay for very long.  Don’t make this harder than it has to be.
PS.  I will miss you a whole lot.  More than you know…

So.  It starts.  Back to grapefruit or Grown Folk cereal in the morning, Tuna wraps and lean meats for lunch with good leafy greens.  Back to quinoa, whole grains, etc. etc.




Not really, but it is better than looking like I am trying to steal a motorcycle tire around my waist every time I try and put on my jeans.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

Leave it to me to diet after the Summer, prior to Winter.

154 lbs currently.  Goal:  15-20lbs weight loss by end of November.

I can totally do this.

*After the meatloaf and mashed potatoes I am making tonight of course.  😉

Anyone have any breakfast or lunch suggestions?  I get stuck in a rut and that is how I fall off the diet wagon.

Boredom.  I lost 16lbs at the beginning of the year, but was eating the same thing all the time.  Then I got back together with Carbs, and you know how that goes.

As Always,

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