A Bit too Eager.

Last Tuesday I hung up my crutches.  Literally.  I felt really good!  I am still in physical therapy but very hopeful.


Since last Tuesday I have cleaned my ENTIRE house, gone grocery shopping, visited my family, gone to Target, cooked dinner, etc. etc.  Around 9:00 last night my leg whispered, “Hey you.  Remember me?  I am not ready for all of this Tom Foolery and Shenanigans.  SIT DOWN.”

Lots of pain.  So, I sat.  For about 2 hours.  Then I tried to get up, and then my hip said, a bit louder, “Nooo.  SIT DOWN fool woman.  Couldn’t put pressure on it at all.


So I am sitting.  It is better this morning but I have had a not so gentle reminder that I am not yet 100%.  Which is cool, I kept thinking that 9 weeks was enough time to be recovered fully.

Not so much.

So, I am going to dial it back down from 11 to 5 and sit down.



Because you know, 11 is louder than 10.  😉


As Always,


Woman on Pause





Photo Credit:  http://tribeboost.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/eleven-dial.jpg.


Nikita & Sergei

Those are the names of my crutches.  After Kinkita (<—-That was too funny of a typo to leave out.  And if I ever start a band it will be named this or SlaughterMelon.)

Anywho, my crutches are named after the Khrushchev’s.  Because I think they are evil and crutches and Khrushchev sound similar.

Yep.  Don’t judge.  It has been a long six weeks.

I had my six week follow up today and it seems me and Sergei and Nikita will be as one for about another three weeks.  I finally feel like I am starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel.  Which is full of awesome.

I did tell my doctor that it may be beneficial for someone at his office to have a leaflet or pamphlet explaining what being on crutches will be like.  As in, “Hey buddy, you left me uninformed and stupefied with this 10 weeks of constant crutch use.” 

People don’t know.  I didn’t know.  No one knows. Until you are crutch deep in a wet lawn.

It sounds silly.  I had a general idea.  But I had really ZERO clue about how challenging (aka a pain in my damned ass) this would be.

This is what happened at week 5 when I tried to bring in the garbage can.

I just left it there.  I knew someone would come along at some point and bring it in.

This is what happens when I go through a door and try and keep my cat from escaping.

Balancing on one foot trying to sword fight a cat.  The entire time going, “Nooooooooooo….. Nooooooooo”

There are Pro’s to this situation as well. 

  • My arms look fantastic.  More toned than they have been in years.  Seriously.  I am taking advance orders for tickets to the Gun Show.  (This is the cheesiest pic ever taken.  But it had to be done.) 


  • I have lost 8lbs.  Mostly because I only eat what can be eaten standing up in front of my fridge. 
  • My balance and core are better than they have been in years. 
  • People instinctively get out of my way.  At all times, in all places.  Doors are opened, smiles are given, it is nice.


This has been one helluva ride.  Hopefully at the other end I will be more functional than when I started.  Which clearly is the point.  But it can get lost because 10 weeks is one heck of a long time. 

One crutch in front of the other.


As Always,

Woman on Pause