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Monday 07.27.15


He thought he found the perfect hiding spot. He was camouflaged and watching. That was exactly where he needed to be. He couldn’t believe that he was witness to his wife cheating on him. In front of everyone. How could she? They had been together two years now.

And this guy. Oh, THIS guy… He was nothing like Eddie. This guy was suave. He actually sauntered. That was how he stole his purrfect Missy. By ambling around as if he were the only male here.

Well not today my friend. Today he was going to stay incognito until she realiz–

Dinner Time!! Come on Missy… Eddie… and you too Mittens. Come on and eat your dinner sweet baby kitties!!!”

Eddie stood up, straightened and began to walk towards his bowl.  All the while smirking, “Mittens, huh.” 

Word Count 129


Thank you for stopping by and reading my submission for Mondays Finish the Story.  The idea is to write a short fiction story based off of the photo prompt and the first line is already written.

I appreciate any constructive criticism.  And thank you for stopping by!!

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I was reading the Daily News, which I do manically all day.  One of my 4 go to sites when I am on my phone and find time to browse.

I ran across this story about Vladamir Putin.

‘It’s a cat – from the rear’ – Russian President Putin

And it shows this picture Putin had drawn for a classroom of Middle School kids during a visit.

Putin on the Ritz

  • When I first looked at this before even reading the title or what it was about, I thought, what a crude drawing of a vagina.


  • Please o please tell me I am not the only one to see this.


  • If not, I may very well have to call a therapist, a voodoo priestess or whatever will help me not see the vagina.


  • Lord help me, I have been off my hormones now for 8 days and I think it is effecting my brain.


  • That is all for today, because really what else could possibly be said.


  • BTW, I named that picture, “Putin on the Ritz.”  And giggled for WAY longer than I should have.  Then found this.  And continued the giggles again for probably an inappropriate amount of time.


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Watch your ass. Er Boots. Whatever.

I put this as my facebook status tonight.  After today, I am so drained.

“Sometimes when life kicks you in the ass, you go to bed and say, ‘Tomorrow I wear the boots.'”

This was a Sarah Original statement.  I have honestly not been this upset about something in a while.

That being said, I hate to dwell.  Dwellers suck.

Tomorrow beach with my Bug.  This is my nickname for my only born child.  My 11 year old.  Just me and him.  Such a treasure.  We never get one on one time.

And in light of my downer Boooooooooooooo posts, I am here to bring the weird whatever nonsense of the internet.  Enjoy!

If you were born between 1975 and 1982 – 1977 REPRESENT!

The Bloggess.  Have you not been here?  Go here.  Quickly.  Oh and buy her book.  No, I don’t know her, but I found her book first and loved it.  Now I am a peon and proud of it!   She is beyond awesome.

Um, stop.  Right the hell now.

And I know, Paula Deen.  But then I saw this.  I swear as God as my witness I thought he was Gay.   Really hard to tell with a GA/SC man.  I don’t know why, I think it is the accent.  God I love my Gays. Kinda saddened by this.

I know this is just a wrap up, but I missed connecting, blogging, writing, posting.  Taking tomorrow for my boy.  See you all on Saturday!!

I mean Caturday.


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Woman on Pause.

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Day 14 – What in the world have I gotten myself into

I must preface this with the following:
The hubs works shift work.  Three rotating shifts 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am.  Seven days on, one day off, seven days on, one day off, seven days on, four days off.  Almost always at LEAST 6-12 hours overtime in a week.

This was a large factor in us making the decision for me to quit work.  He is unable to do anything really, due to his schedule.  And I was doing 85% while working and commuting (8 hours) a week was just too much for me and blah blah blah…

Mids.  The 3-11pm shift. 

This is by far the worst shift.  When I was working, I was basically a working single mom.  He was gone by the time we got home and we were asleep by the time he got off work.  For seven days straight.  I had to do everything.  Every little thing.  And work.

Now, I just do every thing 19 hours out of each day, and don’t work.  It really isn’t a big deal until the END of mids.  Tomorrow is day seven and we are ALL feeling it.

I literally can’t explain why this day has been so hard without writing a dissertation, but it has been down right mind meltingly hard.

  • Woke up at 7am to take the 11 year old to Basketball camp.
  • Came home, to go back out to get him an hour later.
  • In that hour, I made tea, cleaned the kitchen from Breakfast and got our bag ready for the pool, which included towels, drinks, snacks, suits, and other accoutrements.
  • Picked him up, and headed to a friends to try and plan a baby shower.
  • Had to travel another hour with her to get her kids.
  • Finally got to the pool, was about to rain.
  • (Hello Tropical Storm Andrea)
  • Got back to her house for more baby pre-gaming, kids are officially getting on my last damned nerves.
  • Go home try and take a nap, children revolt.  Losing my ever loving patience.
  •  Eddie kitty has been missing for 2 days while it has stormed almost all of those 2 days.  Keep calling him, sounding like a moron to my neighbors.
  • My other kitty Ginger is acting all weird, landed oddly and hurt her little paw/shoulder, she is limping.
  • Try and make dinner, salvage the evening.
  • Start laundry
  • Make bed
  • Finish dinner
  • Eight year old is flossing his teeth with a thin rimmed cup, drops crystal light all over the floor when I get understandably upset over said flossing with our cheap plastic kids cups.
  • Hear Eddie kitty stuck in neighbors fence.
  • Try and coerce said kitty while becoming a nice meal for the 1,412,223 mosquitoes that are out due to standing water over the monsoon that just came through.
  • Knock on neighbors door, while still getting eaten, they say they will “Check”
  • Wait
  • Wait
  • Bitten
  • Wait
  • Wait
  • Bitten
  • Hear my 11 year old say, “HELLLOO EDDIE!!!!!!” the cat came back on its own.
  • Whatever.
  • Fold laundry, turn over laundry, start NEW load of laundry, because the 11 year old informs me he needs his baseball uniform by tomorrow at 8am.
  • Find out a tropical storm is coming right SMACK in the midst of the 11 year old year end game, and my 4 hour trip to pick up our 16 year old stepson.
  • Eddie sees Ginger and does that weird sideways cat walk where he tries to look twice his size, he seems TO HAVE HURT himself in the process, is under the couch.
  • Never seen that close up, that was friggin weird.
  • I almost just drank out of the hubs dip cup.  Literally that JUST almost happened.

Domestic Bliss my ass.  While all of this may not sound so bad, this has been my last 14 days.  Literally.  I run, I drive, I cook, I clean, I chase cats, I try and determine if swallowing a nickle is ER worthy, I try and squelch smart-assery, dumb-assery, and any other asseries that may occur.

All the while telling the kids 5 hours out of the day SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Daddy is sleeping.  Shhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhhh SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I know I can’t complain.  I know that I am extraordinarily lucky to be able to not be working right now, so I can do all of this.  But between Busting my ass the last 7 days of work and jumping right into this…

Mama needs a vacation.  Or something.

I apologize to any stay at home mom’s I ever judged unfairly.

This shit is hard.

Picture of poor Edward.  I think he got into some serious cat on cat battle action during his two day vacation 😦  He was already so timid….

Please excuse my dust bunnies, aka Ghost turds as the hubs likes to call them.

As always,

Woman on Pause