I might be a Grown Up.


When faced with the call from the youth minister at the church that Baptized my son without my permission, I acted like a grown up.

What I wanted to act like was a yelling freak show that was going to make that man do something, anything, to make me feel better about what I feel like he stole from me.

(I swear I am not trying to be dramatic, but that is the only way I can think to put it)

Instead of yelling, cursing, pointing out very valid points while heaving and throwing things at his head (telephoniclly), I was calm.

I let him explain to me why they did it and that there was a form filled out prior to camp that basically allowed it.  I didn’t see this form.  He was at his dad’s.  And I doubt his dad saw it either.  The grandma filled it out.  I was going to ask for a copy, but here’s why I didn’t.

It’s over.

I told him, while legitimately holding back tears, that this wasn’t ok in any shape or form.  While I am thrilled he chose to be Baptized, but this was a huge milestone that he didn’t allow me to participate in, and that wasn’t a decision he or the church should have made.

And that they should really re-think having eleven year old’s partake in “Spontaneous Baptisms” without a note from Mom or Dad or Legal Guardian.

And it is probably a Blessing that we spoke 4 days after the incident. Because had I not valued the fact that I know people who love that church and it seems for now so does my Son, I would have had a “Spontaneous Youth Minister Ass Kicking”

I calmly laid out my reasons and conveyed my deepest disappointment in their lack of consideration.

He told me Hindsight is 20/20.

Lord Help me. 


As Always,

Woman on Pause