Guns & Kids


**Edited to add this headline from the NY Daily News click headline to link.**

After this last school shooting I was reminded of an idea I had 47 school shootings before.

Make schools like prisons.

Or maybe, at the least, like a courthouse.

But what about banning guns, Sarah?  That isn’t going to happen.  There should be stricter gun control laws and I believe semi-automatic guns should only be permitted after heavy vetting to groups that charge and are responsible to governmental guidelines and safety.  Solely to be used for hunting. And yes, I own a gun.

We should all be able to have our pistol or our shot gun.

But, let’s step back and imagine a USA with a total gun ban.  There are so many guns hidden, illegal, in plain sight for that matter anyone who wants one, will still get one.  From someone selling them illegally.  From, their parents, from their Uncle Jimbo who has a stockpile for when the Government was going to take his guns, just like he knew they would.  “Don’t you worry about it Dustin, you need something you just come to good ole Uncle Jimbo.” He has a ton in his underground prepper commune.

Now that we have the gun debate faced (as best as it can be for one paragraph) it is time to look at fixing the problem.  Kids getting guns and killing other kids with ease. Pissed off, mentally challenged kids, grab guns and walk into schools freely and kill.  Kill multiple kids.  KIDS.  Children.

So stop them from getting in.  Put metal detectors on one entrance and one entrance only.  Accompanied by 2 armed officers.

The HORROR.  Um, no, I had to pass through this back in August to renew my tag.

I recognize it will start a bottle neck getting kids to class, so open another entrance and make it the same.

We aren’t going to have gun reform any time soon.  Period.  So stop them from getting in.  Take some sort of actions.  Thoughts and prayers are the equivalent of saying Bless you when someone sneezes.  It does no good, doesn’t actually help, and is straight out perfunctory.  This is what I am going to suggest to my congressman and anyone else who will listen.

If they  have the resources to arm the teachers, instead of doing so, disarm the kids.

Disarm the kids.


I’m so tired of watching kids die.  And I am so tired of wondering if mine will when I send them to school.  It is a walking nightmare for everyone involved and NOTHING has happened.


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