Inky- Friday Fictioneers

“I still don’t get it.”  He murmured as they walked back to the car.  

“What exactly don’t you get?” She huffed out of desperation at this point.

Why in the world would you get a barbed wire tattoo around your bicep?  I don’t understand why you would put such an outdated tattoo onto your body.  Forever!  He continued, “I mean, what about a tribal??  Or how about a Mushroom or a peace sign?”  At this point he was flat out mocking her.  

She replied, if you don’t get it, then we are through!  

He pleaded,“But Barbara…”

96 Words


This is my flash fiction submission for this Weeks Friday Fictioneers presented byRochelle Wisoff-Fields.  The idea is to write a story at or under 100 words based of of the photo prompt.  Photo courtesy of @Madison Woods

This story is 96 words.  I always welcome constructive criticism.

You can find this and other stories this week Here.

As Always,

Woman On Pause





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