Funky Monkey


I have to apologize, mostly to myself, but to the 10’s of readers I have out there.  I went through a bit of a funk the last month or so.  It has been a weird time.  Nothing BAD has happened per se, but things started to overwhelm me a bit. When that happens I find twenty shows on Netflix, wrap up on the couch and do the bare minimum.  It is the best way to try and get out of my own head.  At least that is what I think at the time.  I was also sick for a couple of weeks and that had me run down as well.

Part of me doesn’t know if going inward actually helps or I just need time to break back out of my shell.  When I get like that I crank procrastination up to 11.  Again, it is just the way I have always dealt with conflict and doubt.  Hunker down.

Kind of like this.
“Hunkerdown” at its finest.
(Not me by the way but seemed to fit how I felt on the couch covered in blankets like I am 12 and building a fort of solitude.)
((And what in the world does that blanket smell like that has her so freaked out!?!?))

I digress.

We wrapped up football for my 9 year old on Saturday and my 12 year old had a double header today.  And as I was sitting there in the sun, the sky was so perfectly blue and the grass was bright green, and it was a gorgeous day.  I realized I had been hunkering and decided I was done with that.

I actually thought, if I could spend my days like this I would never want to watch Netflix on the couch again.  This may also be a product of Stay at Home Mom induced Cabin fever.  It’s a real thing.  The struggle is real y’all.  And I know that anyone who works wants to bash my head in for saying that is a problem, oh well.  It is one I have at the moment.

But I have decided to make better use of my time and get off the couch.  So, hopefully you will be hearing quite a bit more from me soon.

Miss my WP people and hope all of you are well!

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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8 thoughts on “Funky Monkey

  1. That cabin fever is real. I’ve had it going on 6 years. Trying to break out before kid goes to college. Missed reading your words! You inspire me to write. You know Steven (um, need I say King?) moved to the island, right? Wow.

      • I live right by Hanna Park so I like to go walk/run a trail or the beach there, but I don’t do it nearly enough. I’m pretty much a hermit. I was so social in my twenties and early thirties, I feel like I’m recovering from years of drama, which, I kind of am. I’m betting you can relate. Hubs takes me out to dinner when we can, and I’m currently enjoying getting to know the new Earth Fare market that opened up nearby. That may seem boring to some, but I depend on consistent travel and the not-often-enough camping adventure, otherwise I’d lose it for sure. I love the freedom of staying at home. I worked for a couple of years, but I’ve never did anything I was passionate enough about to want to do it every day. I felt enslaved. Now I tend to my plants and make lots of food and have my days free to take my mom to her doctor visits. Oh, and watch all of the netflix and Hulu I want. Hehehe.

        I forgot about Grisham! Crazy. Yes, SK’s Assistant is a dream job. I wish that for you too!

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