Query – Friday Fictioneers

Hello Everyone!  I have for you my submission for Friday Fictioneers.  It seems that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields has taken some time off and is returning to old prompts.  Lucky for me, I am still new and can submit a fresh one.

The goal is to write 100 word flash fiction based off of this photo:

Photo Prompt – Copyright Madison Woods



“What’s in a tree?” he asked.
”Is this like the question, what’s in a name?” she replied.

“No. What’s in a tree?”
It was getting harder to hide her frustration. These riddles and games were cute at first, but ten years in, she had grown weary.

“Well, let’s see. Bark, leaves, they produce carbon dioxide or something. They give life. That’s what’s in a tree.” She felt satisfied navigating his silly riddle.

He grinned, “No. It’s your underwear.” He pointed up to where he had flung her panties the night before.

While his riddles were tiresome, their sex life was not.


Word Count 101


I hope you guys enjoyed!!  You can find other submissions here. InLinkz


As Always,


Woman on Pause

39 thoughts on “Query – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I think I would have probably smacked him years ago, interesting sex life aside. 🙂 I have the uncomfortable image of them trying to make love in the crook of that tree. Ouch!!

    (“He” and “She” in the first paragraph and “Carbon Dioxide” don’t get caps. Small letters are correct.)


    • I thought about that. But then I thought maybe people can put in, “annoying guy they know” name in his place. And, “long suffering wife” name in hers. 😉 But I appreciate the feedback!

    • I find that when you put names on them it can trigger with some people. As in, they know someone with that name and it can change how they are perceived. I was hoping to develop them on dialogue and situation alone. But, some people like names! And thank you!!!

  2. It sounds like they make love on a large estate, home far in the countryside, or garden with a hight wall. Otherwise,their neighbors might either complain or line up to watch. Either way it would be embarrassing.:( Well written. 🙂 —Susan

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