16 Thoughts You Have While Drinking Tequila

I saw this video, because I can’t seem to pass up click bait, and I thought it was the perfect representation of the stages we all go through while taking tequila shots.


When Tequila is Presented whilst engaging in beers with friends.

    1. Oh, what is this?  Tequila.  Well… Sure. Why not.
    2. OH DEAR GOD WHY?!?!?!
    3. Is my mouth and throat on actual Fire?
    4. Inevitable tequila shake as the body absorbs the toxins.

 photo shiver-long-o.gif

    1. That was HORRIBLE.
    2. This is why beer is the chaser.  Chase that Jet Fuel taste out of my mouth
    3. Wait, another one?
    4. But the first one…
    5. *Sigh* Sure why the hell not.  One more.

 photo niccage.gif

      1. OH DEAR GOD WHY??
      2. The burn isn’t so much napalm this time as warm camp fire.
      3. Is it hot in here?
      4. Smaller tequila tremor.  4.0 on the Cuevo Richter Scale.
      5. That wasn’t too bad.
      6. I may be sweating.
      7. Wait, wasn’t the last shot like 5 minutes ago?
      8. Another??
      9. Just one more.
      10. Wait.
      11. That wasn’t so bad.
      12. I feel like I am a walking warm blanket.  So cozy.
      13. No, I don’t have lime in my teeth and salt in my hair.
      14. That Sir was an insult and we must now partake in fisticuffs.

 photo Fisticuffs.gif

15. Black Hole of Unconsciousness



The End.

Please keep these thoughts in mind while watching the video.  I swear it is the same.damned.thing.  Well, from 11 on that is more  “My experience.”   But you get the point.

PS.  Gunga Din FTW.


As Always,


Woman on Pause

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