A Bit too Eager.

Last Tuesday I hung up my crutches.  Literally.  I felt really good!  I am still in physical therapy but very hopeful.


Since last Tuesday I have cleaned my ENTIRE house, gone grocery shopping, visited my family, gone to Target, cooked dinner, etc. etc.  Around 9:00 last night my leg whispered, “Hey you.  Remember me?  I am not ready for all of this Tom Foolery and Shenanigans.  SIT DOWN.”

Lots of pain.  So, I sat.  For about 2 hours.  Then I tried to get up, and then my hip said, a bit louder, “Nooo.  SIT DOWN fool woman.  Couldn’t put pressure on it at all.


So I am sitting.  It is better this morning but I have had a not so gentle reminder that I am not yet 100%.  Which is cool, I kept thinking that 9 weeks was enough time to be recovered fully.

Not so much.

So, I am going to dial it back down from 11 to 5 and sit down.



Because you know, 11 is louder than 10.  😉


As Always,


Woman on Pause





Photo Credit:  http://tribeboost.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/eleven-dial.jpg.


5 thoughts on “A Bit too Eager.

  1. lol at that video! Are they for real?!
    Take it easy. I’m exhausted just reading what you did. Five sounds like a good place to start. Then work it up gradually to 10 ….. or 11. 😉

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