Simple Pleasures

I can be whiny.  I know this.  I actively try not to be though.  Being on crutches this long (Day 51 out of 60) I have tried excruciatingly hard not to harp on about it to my family and friends.  But in the back of my mind it is as aggravating as one would imagine. I take these things with me everywhere.  Bathroom, stores, kitchen, bed, to get a drink of water, to call for my kids outside.  All day.  Every day.

That all being said, Papa took the boys today to run an errand that opened up about 4 hours for me today.  Four hours of glorious alone time.  By the time he picked them up it was 11:30 am and I hadn’t eaten.  I had nothing but two large cups of coffee on my stomach and was starting to feel a bit weak.  But if I ate another sandwich, standing over my sink, I was going to go insane.


I had to go to the convenience store anyway so I figured, begrudgingly so, that I should stop for something to eat.  At a drive-thru I wouldn’t have to get out of the car.  I really didn’t want fast food.  I wanted something light and yummy.  But where I live, there are no drive-thru’s with this magical combination of food.  So I decided on a Wendy’s chicken sandwich.  One thing I don’t hate eating that is fast food.

But as I was turning out of my neighborhood I remembered there is this place.  This wonderful place one town over, about 15 minutes away that serves the best chicken sandwich in the County.  Nay I say, the STATE.  I can’t lie about how damned good this thing is.  I immediately changed my turn signal and off I went.

By the time I had arrived at this place, I was starting to feel a bit woozy from lack of food.  It is on the end of a strip mall so I wove my way and drove into line.  As I am half way to the window I realize, where was the place for me to order?  Had I passed it??  I don’t come here often, but maybe there isn’t one??  It is a mom and pop place so maybe not.

As I finally arrive she immediately gives me a total.  I blush and say, “I am so sorry, I didn’t order. I just want one chicken sandwich.”

I had to wait longer, as did all those behind me.  Which I felt horrible about but then she handed me the unassuming white bag.

I pulled into the parking lot and parked.

I refused to wait 15 minutes for this wonderful thing to get cold and die.

I opened it up and ate it right there.  People walking past my car left and right.  I literally didn’t care.

It was almost orgasmic.

I ate way too much and as I type this I feel slightly ill.  But I don’t care.  It was so completely worth it.

Today I treated myself.  And I needed it.

I managed to get a quick photo before I devoured it.  Actually if you look really hard, there is a large bite taken out of the right side.


Here’s to hoping you treat yourself today too.  You deserve it.


As Always,


Woman on Pause

4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Hello! And there isn’t a one of us who hasn’t done this at some time or another. That irresistible pull of….well, it doesn’t really matter what, does it? And for me, sometimes I just have to have a bearclaw pastry from Panera. I just have to!

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