Snot funny

I am sick. So I have been on the couch with my two best friends.


And our recent semi trailer full of Girl Scout Cookies.

I have finished House of Cards season 2 and enough Samoas to choke a Samoan.

I am now on the Following and invited Sudafed to the party.

I forgot how much being sick sucks.  BUT it is a good thing it is happening now.  If I am sick up to my surgery I can’t be cut open.  And as much as I don’t want to be cut open, I am ready to move that train along so I can get to Recovery Junction as soon as possible.

I may be not be around much as this laptop feels about 4 miles from the couch that is the most awesome place to sink in, sleep, and catch Girl Scout Cookie crumbs.

I am going to go back to feeling miserable.  I do hope that all of you are fairing better than I today.

Just so everyone knows I am not SUPER sick, just sick enough to feel like ass, here’s my funny picture.

Because it isn’t a blog without a funny picture.  AMIRITE?


PS  I am totally going to try this.


As Always,

Woman on Pause




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8 thoughts on “Snot funny

    • ACK! That is horrible! I can’t have this for weeks. I can only have this for 10 days. After that it is going to jack up my surgery and dammit my hubs took off 2 weeks.


      They specifically said, if you run a fever or have green, yellow, snot do not come here.

      I hope YOU feel better soon!

    • I really thought I had dodged the bullet. Notsomuch. I just hope the kids don’t get it. We can’t do that pass around thing. And I hate it when the kiddos are sick. 😦

      Officially have a fever.

      Nyquil please. Neat no ice.

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