I was just whining about how my Doctor appointment is today and how I get so damned nervous right before.  I can only assume this is a natural reaction to going to so many the last seven years.  I do my pre-op labs today, (EKG, Chest X-Ray, Labs) and find out about my MRI.  That horrible horrible MRI.

The thing is, I am not worried about the result.  But just knowing I have to go see a doctor gives me the heeby jeebies.  I start breathing too quickly and it feels like a small elephant is sitting on my chest.

I have decided for all of us who feel this way about doctors we should be able to check a box saying so on one of the 45 forms that have to be filled out.  If this box is checked, then when you pay your co-pay you get a Xanax.  Nothing major.  Just a small dose reward for getting there, looking half way normal, wearing matching socks, and for having to pay for 24 hours of anxiety.  Literally.  I pay money to feel this icky.  I think if this were an option I wouldn’t have any issue going.  I see it as very Pavlovian.

This is Ivan Pavlov.  No wonder his dog wouldn’t come to him without a snack.  Relax guy…


Time to start googling “Crutch Rentals” and “Compression Socks.”

Good times.

As Always,

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