Some Joy Because Why Not

I am sure everyone has already seen this, but I just loved it.

At first I thought, this is how I feel when I am able to open a nice bottle of wine. My next was, don’t cry, DON’T CRY. So absolutely adoreable. I think I like video’s like this because it is nice to know that there was a time when we all were amazed by everything at some point.

Maybe I will go out today and play in the rain.  Backyard of course, because as much as I love a good video my neighbors may very well call my hubs out of concern for my crazy ass.

“Hey, your wife is outside running around in the rain.  You let us know last week that our cat got out, so we are returning the favor. ”

Speaking of cats.  My cat tree is in full bloom.


Maybe the neighbors should be concerned about me…

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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