Post Baby Body Watch!!!!!!

I wanted to check in with everyone regarding the post baby bodies of these recent parents.  We all know how important it is to spring right back into shape post baby.  The days of flowy shirts and stretch pants are out.  I don’t care if you did just create life, you better walk out of that hospital looking like you just ran a 5K.

First off, let’s see if this Royal Darling has KEPT the weight off!!!


Dear Royal Highness, is that the sign of a paunch I see?  Well it looks like we know what TRH The Duke of Cambridge’s New Year’s resolution is.  Lose that Baby weight!  He being such a public figure, I am surprised he hasn’t bounced back quicker.  I mean it is just his first baby.

I think we all know that there was a lot of controversy over the weight gained in this pregnancy.  Constant scrutiny and a million photos showing the growing bump of…

Eric Johnson


I see Mr. Johnson is fast on his way to the gym.  Seems this blog isn’t the first to call out Eric on how he has let himself go after the recent birth of his baby Ace.  I am a bit shocked since there were so many articles and pictures after his last baby that he wouldn’t be a bit more fit after the delivery of the newest tyke.

Eric Johnson (aka Father of Jessica Simpson’s children)

See where I am going here?

This post was brought to you by this.

I read this article this morning with my coffee and this was what caught my eye.

“Blooming! Georgina Bloomberg shows off her phenomenal post-baby body as she describes her billionaire father’s first meeting with new grandson.”

  • Georgina Bloomberg, 30, gave birth to her son Jasper on Christmas Eve
  • Jasper is former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s first and only grandchild
  • The baby’s father is Georgina’s longtime boyfriend Ramiro Quintana

When did we dip into the bowels of hell to be on post baby body watch of anyone, more or less Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter of the former NYC Mayor?

I am so grossed out seeing articles and pictures documenting every ounce gained and lost by pregnant celebrities.  It is demeaning.  And I can’t even imagine how much pressure they feel.  I gained 60 lbs when I got pregnant and when I lost it (unhealthily due to a divorce) everyone told me how great I looked and how they couldn’t believe how big I had gotten.

So basically, you were thinking I was fat as hell but waited to mention it to my face until I came to the good sense enough to lose it?

If you are pregnant you are growing life.  LITERALLY.  The most amazing thing that can be done by one human being.

Give the ladies a break, amirite?

But the bigger question is; How QUICKLY will hometown Spring Falls Mayor Buddy Cashrow’s, third cousin lose that baby weight??




As Always,

Woman on Pause

P.S. I recognize he is a very prominent figure, but this seemed a bit much. And I rarely feel bad for celebrities in the spotlight but give the new mom’s a break!

P.P.S. I know, I promised a goofy post and it started out that way, but then I got all mad.  Mad for women I don’t know but can relate to.  But not nearly in the scope they face it.  Promise, goofy and lighthearted tomorrow.  Maybe even a picture of my cat trying to make a phone call or floss or something.

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