The Best Intentions

Hidee Ho fellow bloggers and readers.

Happy 2014.

I am posting today and tomorrow.  I am doing two posts because this one is more of a checking in moment for myself than it is for you guys.  I mean, I want you to enjoy the post, but this is where I am ready to gut check. Hard.

Tomorrow’s will be light and whimsical and have more pictures.  I like blogs with pictures that make me giggle.  Which is really my goal for 95% of my posts.

Gut check time.

gut check

It has been 8 months since I quit my job.  I just had to figure that out on my fingers. I couldn’t believe the math in my head (remember I was in Finance) so I busted out my hands and counted on my fingers.  It is the equivalent to taking a pregnancy test and seeing two blue lines, but then having to refer to the box instructions because you are dumbfounded, in a good or bad way, to believe you are reading it right.

I have mentioned several times I am not a New Year Resolution Gal.  But at this point, I need to be a “Hey, it has been 8 months you need to get off your ass and accomplish something” Gal.  I have blogged.  As you can read.  I have written.  But very little.  This makes me sad.  But it is my own doing. I can blame a lot of things but it is my own damned fault.

So I am setting a goal.  Three days a week, I am going to spend time on blogging and writing.  No less than 2 hours a day to start.  I am also going to review my Statistics skills by going through my old college text and attempting to review each lesson.  That is also 3 times a week no less than 2 hours a day.

Ultimately I am going back to school.  So I need to bone up on study skills and be in the habit of college before I get there.

This is what I would look like if I just did what I do now, then decided to take on 3 classes.


I know this about myself.  I have been down that road before.

Thirdly, I must lose weight.  I look scarily similar to the woman in the first photo, but I am smart enough to wear long enough shirts.  I am partially doing this because I want to look better, but mostly because I REFUSE to buy new clothes.  I am at my largest range of sizes and it is this, or muffin top alley.  Not buying new clothes.  Nope.    Being at home has caused weight gain of about 10lbs, and I needed to lose at least 10 when I left my job.

These may seem like lofty goals, but I am excited.  I need a bit of structure.  Yeah, I keep my house clean and cook most meals and do the daily stuff, but none of that really has a deadline or any structure.  I kinda miss it.  Which is very odd to me.

So.  Wish me luck, and I hope that everyone’s new year is going Smashingly.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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