I have been looking at the blank page for weeks now. 

Today, I fill it.


As Always,


Woman on Pause

One thought on “Blank

  1. I had a total of 25 minutes of silence, and I got this out. I almost felt high or drunk typing it. It means nothing may go nowhere, but dammit, I typed it out. El yay!

    She walked in to find an empty house. There wasn’t a noise to hear, or a light on to see. She couldn’t even hear the drops of water falling off of her coat onto the carpet. There wasn’t a cat rubbing its cheeks on her slacks welcoming her home. There wasn’t a clang of ice being made and distributed into the ice machine. The television wasn’t screaming out, “Who is Made Marion Alex.”

    She set her purse down on the table and flicked on the light in the dining room. Only one light bulb in the faux chandelier lit. It flickered in a non-rhythmic way. There weren’t any chairs at the table, no centerpiece of flowers and glass vases. Not a napkin ring to be found. The china cabinet had been stripped to show only open glass doors begging for contents.

    She set her keys down onto her purse, and she considered tossing them on the table to break the dark silence that was beginning to be louder than she would like. Instead she moved along the foyer into the living room to find a furniture-less room that only contained dust outlines of where things used to live.

    “Plat.” The sound of the lone drop of water off of her hair hitting the dark wood floor startled her, as this was all she had heard since walking into the house. She turned feeling not alone in a very empty home. She trailed the marks on the wall where a couch used to live and felt the scar left by children jumping on it and slamming it against the wall.

    Laughter, what did that sound like again? She couldn’t remember.

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