There it is.


I didn’t intend to make that reference* but there it is.  the “Whoomp” was meant to represent he sound you make when someone does this.

 photo tumblr_lk6xlzrGKw1qd82t8o1_400.gif

That is what happened to me today.

I got hit in the stomach hard.

I wrote a blog a while back about a car accident I was in, and the mess that happened afterwards.

There is no justice.  

And my lawyer informed me that State Farm is going to sue me.  I was told about 8 months ago, they wouldn’t.  But they decided they would sue me for court costs since not only did I lose my case and any funding to help me with my hip and the surgeries I need, but I need to pay State Farm and ultimately the woman who hit me. To the tune of about 25K.


FFS, I got hit.  I got hurt.  I lost the case and am still not better, but let’s sue me.  Sure thing.  Sounds great.

I have had enough of all of this.  5 years of pain, tears, loss, emotional roller coaster is an understatement.

But they are suing ME.

Le Sigh.

This is life folks.  This is not a drill.  Please keep all hands and feet inside as this ride can get a little bumpy.


I’m gonna order a pizza and try not to think about it.

Tomorrow is another day and all that jazz.

Till then

As Always,

Woman on Pause

*Just in case no one got the reference…

8 thoughts on “Whoomp

    • I know it could be worse. I am trying to keep it all in perspective. I did decide I am going to put on my headphones and see if Earth Wind and Fire or maybe some Al Green can slip me out of the funk. With funk. Ha! (Trying to keep my sense of humor.) 😉

  1. That’s so rubbish. Life confounds me at times. It’s complicated enough as it is and man goes and adds to it with these kind of things 😦 so sorry

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