Love this woman. A friend for 10 years and she has the best stories. Read her!!


I remember my 20’s with great fondness and admiration for the fast-paced lifestyle I lived! I was a young mother with 4 children before I hit my 30th birthday! I remember saying,  “I want to make sure I’m finished having kids before the BIG 3-0!” So with the birth of #4, a beautiful baby girl, my child bearing days were behind me! I succeeded! I signed those papers, the doctor tied those tubes, and I considered my life a success! After all, I was young, had 4 beautiful kids, and I could keep up with them!

Then life happened! I found myself divorced and in a relationship with a younger man. He knew there would be no children when he “put a ring on it”….there would be no more babies…NO WAY! I was in my 30’s for God sake! I was MUCH too old! Been there, done that….wrote the book…

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One thought on “MUST. HAVE. SLEEP!!

  1. I hope sleep comes your way soon! I remember those nights, but like you mentioned I was a good decade younger. Oh, and hide the scissors for the first 3 months he is back. Just claim the kids lost them. 😉

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