Stranger In My House

I woke up today and began the day in the usual manner.  I began by getting the kids breakfast going, got their lunches started.  My 11 year old’s dad called and said he wouldn’t be picking him up from school but will pick him up after the bus gets here this afternoon.


I told his dad, “He told me he text you last night and you said you were getting him from school.”  He replies, “I never heard from him.”

So I go, slightly stomping, into my 11 year old’s room, and he is playing video games under his covers.  A big no-no (<—- note to self, start using a different term. This one irks me just reading it) during the week.  No video games until the weekend as long as his grades are good.


I confronted him about the weird lie about his transportation this afternoon, and then there was a stranger in front of me.

He is about 5’2″ weighs around 115lbs brown hair, and eyes very similar to mine.

He looks at me and half rolls his eyes.

He sighs, “I don’t know why I said it.”

I have seen the symptoms now for about a month.


A half an eye roll here, a mumbled word there.  “Yes Ma’am” has been replaced with, “I will.”  That may not seem like much, but imagine that being the only response you get from what used to be a non sweaty, non stinky, little boy with wide brown eyes who used to look at me with love and admiration.

Now, this manly creature looks at me like I am covered in warts, drooling all over myself due to my obviously fresh lobotomy.  Because what I am saying is annoying, bothersome, and unnecessary in his world.

Where did my little boy go?

He was eaten by the puberty monster.  And I fear these are only beginning symptoms.


I sat him down and told him, that I loved him, but if he rolls his eyes at me one more time, our relationship will drastically change and not because he decided to hit puberty.  But because if I don’t get the respect I have earned as his mother, I will not be able to give him the respect of freedom, going outside with his friends, playing video games, using his tablet.  And if the lies keep up, well, he will be on shutdown until he remembers I give him freedom because he earned it,  not because it is a birth right.

But at the end of the day, I know this is normal.  But it kinda sucks.

Alas, I will put on my armor, raise my shield and try and deflect the beams of teen angst he seems to be shooting at me.  I will hug him harder, try to teach him and love him as much as possible, and hope I come out the other side with a good human being to send out into the world.

Oh and then there is always this…


*Insert Winky Face*

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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