A Week of Ick

Where o where have I been?  Oh let’s see.

Last week, was clearly not keen on a ghost from my past trying to show its face.  It wasn’t even Halloween…  Again my apologies.

I also recently posted that I am trying to lose weight.  So, I dusted off my Wii fit and decided to slowly ease into trying to get a bit more flexible, etc.

Bad move.

My back went out after two ten-minute sessions two days apart.  *Sigh*

I also played a Trivial Pursuit with the hubs which caused leaning over and that might have been it too.

Sore back, no worries, have been there before.

But then..

My 8 year old complained Saturday of a tummy ache.  I watched what he ate and all seemed well.  Fast forward to Monday Morning.  My 11 year old complains of upset stomach.  I myself had some intestinal discomfort, I assured him it would pass, as mine did the night before.  He would be fine, just take it easy.

I get a text seven minutes after he left for the bus, “I can’t take it, please come get me.”

I am thinking he is trying to get out of a Monday at school.  I begrudgingly head to the bus stop.  When I arrive, he is doubled over and puking.  In front of all of his friends and a gaggle of High School kids.

In lieu of all Mother of the year awards, I will take a swift kick in the ass.


Because  that is what I felt like, an ass.

Apologizing the ENTIRE way, I take care of him until around 1pm.  That was when I started puking my guts out.  And then again until 4pm when my Husband started puking HIS guts out.


So today is the first day since Saturday I have felt remotely human.  We all seem to have flown past this fall’s inevitable stomach bug, (KNOCK ON WOOD x Infinity) and have come out the other end.  No pun intended.

My back is still dicey, but I am sitting here typing so that says something about my pending full recovery.

I also made banana bread, and updated the 4 year old pictures on our electronic picture frame thing.  I did this to update but mostly I am sick of seeing my formerly slim self.  (Of which I might add, I thought I needed to lose weight then.  Not so much.)

So, I am still on soup and bland foods and am hoping if nothing else this little adventure into hurl-land will help me get off the path of carbs, fried foods, etc. and spring board me back onto healthier eating, if nothing else by default. A diet re-set button of sorts.

(I don’t exactly feel the way the above states, but kinda.  I am all for taking advantage of opportunities. No matter how icky.)

Tomorrow Halloween.  Another post altogether.

Tricks, Treats, and All that good stuff,

Woman on Pause

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