Stalker Do, No ya don’t.

So, I have had an altercation with someone from my past.  Who by the way killed the “Someone that I used to know” song for me.  I am posting this because I have told that said person, even though blocked for over 5 years has glommed onto my blog/email/facebook via mutual friends.

If you have, and you read this.  Please for the love of all that is decent and holy, go away.

If this is for not, then I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish.  No contact.

Sorry for the drama blog, but after this week, I had no choice.  I do not ride the drama llama.  I am a grown woman who is married with a family. But an ex from a long forgotten ago past hasn’t gotten the hint after being blocked eight ways to Sunday.  Not because I don’t want to talk but when you get a text from them on your wedding day and then are told by my husband if you don’t stop harassing her, I will get involved and STILL the emails and contact comes, one has to say, THAT IS ENOUGH.

No one should have to tolerate constant contact from someone if it is unwarranted.  Regardless of why. 

So, if you are reading this, and I have found reasont to believe you are, well, read above. 

And if you continue to do so, I think the stalking laws are much easier to deal with then the restraining order I couldn’t get.

Back to normal later this week,

Woman on Pause

6 thoughts on “Stalker Do, No ya don’t.

  1. I got a direct email, from an email I didn’t block (Because I didn’t know it existed). So I am not just crazy. FYI for anyone thinking I am over thinking this whole thing. It happens, but not here.

  2. Ugh. I relate to this to the nth degree, unfortunately. What an ass-hat. I hope he hasn’t found your blog either– men like him are a plague and I know that stress is such a weight.

    I wish you had been able to get the restraining order. Hopefully he goes off and finds someone else to fixate on. Take heart.

    • He hasn’t threatened me. So it is impossible to get the restraining order. And the email wasn’t anything except for MORE contact. We were cool at first, but he went over board and I nicely asked for no contact and it just hasn’t happened. Once my husband told him on the phone after calling, DON’T and I blocked everything I thought it was done.

      But then I got the email and I think he had a psuedo profile following this blog.

      I just hope it is done.

      And I hope this blog does that, if nothing else.

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