You have won A BRAND NEW CAR!!

We all know that being a grown up is scary.  I have mostly embraced it, but when it comes to certain things I just can’t hang.

One of these things is buying a car.

Don’t misunderstand, I can buy a car.  I have bought a car, all by myself like a big girl.

But me no likee.

I think it was a bad experience two cars ago when I felt so pressured I cried.  Which now, looking back is re-DICK.  But, at the time I was tired and worn down and didn’t have a good backup support system to carry me through a major purchase.

And the salesman went all Jekyll and Hyde on my ass at the end.  I don’t like being pressured.  At all.

Timed test? <—- Fail
Beat the clock? <—-Fail
Final Jeopardy? <—- Fail even though I TOTALLY knew the question was “Who is John Gault.”  Total blank

So, yesterday the hubs went to “Go look around” the local Ford dealership.  He had that gleam in his eye that today was the day if we found something tasty.

Tasty was found.

I got a text to come up there within 30 minutes of him leaving the house.

I started prepping myself.

  • Don’t get your hopes up.
  • Don’t smile.
  • Don’t say anything with the salesman standing there.
  • Remind the kids not to get their hopes up.
  • Try not to vomit when they check my credit.
  • Remember -4 isn’t my credit score.
  • Try not to vomit anyway.
  • Seem flippant.
  • Still refrain from even dreaming that I will come home in this brand new, smells like heaven, rides like a dream, awesome-mobile you test drove three hours ago.

But at the end of the day, we got exactly what we wanted.  The hubs was very specific about what we would and wouldn’t do.  And we got it without a second of haggling. Except when Hubs tried SUPER hard to get window tinting for free.  By the way, Hubs used to sell cars and he was a car buying Magnifico and that helped a ton as well.

But really even he was taken back by how easy it was, and what a great deal we received.

We talked at 2pm about getting a car, he left at 3:15 and by 7:30pm I had this in the driveway.


Say hello to my new baby, a 2013 Ford Fusion.  Yipeeeee!!!!!!!  I have graduated from my 2007 Fusion to this shiny new pretty penny.  LOVE love LOVE.

The experience was so lovely I may put pen to paper and let them know what a wonderful car buying experience it was.  I mean that, and I don’t put pen to paper for anything now a days.  Not even a grocery list.  (Thanks Publix app!)

So, I am considering this a reward for having the good fortune to have a kick ass car buying husband, a very decent and well received dealership, and frankly this is my gift for being a grown up. 

Since I am 36 seems it was a bit overdue.

*Grown folk dance*

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As Always,

Woman on Pause

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