If you ever wondered why…

If you ever wondered why…I write horror.

I find “Scary” in the oddest places.  I am not sure if I am tuned in to what is scary as hell, or if it is just an odd talent of mine.  And you all might think I am a damned crazy person.

My last post I was all boo hoo and put this gif up

 photo wtf_zps4029ec40.gif
Great, wonderful, whatever.

*This is my favorite movie btw.  I saw it at four years old with a babysitter and scarred me for life.  Or scared me for life, take it as you will.

So, last night I am on my mobile on the back porch.  Enjoying a, “Fuck this day cocktail”, and I posted the same gif on FB about how I am all well… fuck this day.

I click it, wondering if it works on mobile, and I saw this.

I actually took out my camera and took video of my phone.  And I hope you clicked it, because I am not sure if it creeped me out because it was night, or I was essentially alone with two boys in their beds, hubs at work, but it creeped me the FUCK out.  How does a gif turn into this on a mobile, a GOOD mobile phone at that…  Why? It isn’t the disjointed eye ball thing.  That is clearly an editing thing, it is the flashing.  And it just cycled through, flashing every damned time.

I am hard to scare.  When it comes to movies, it takes a really good flick to get me creeped out.  I think because I have seen them all, read them all, and you have to have your A Game on to scare me.

But odd things like this, scare the hell out of me.

Maybe you guys don’t find this odd or scary.

Maybe I am just insane, but I found this scary as hell. Freaked me out, truth be told.  I closed the window on my phone, I didn’t want to SEE it anymore.

Because it should be one thing, and now it is something completely different with no obvious cause or reason?

Isn’t that what scary is?

The unknown?

Feel free to call me insane.  I am ok with that.

I also feel like when I get freaked out by something like this, or by a dream, it is my writing muse screaming at me to STFU and get to writing.  I have felt for years that there is something good, something coming, something deep inside that is screaming to get out.  And these are just little motivations for me to write and bring the scary to the general public.

A Stephanie King moment if you will.

Again, perhaps I am insane.

What do you find scary?

As Always,

Woman on Pause

2 thoughts on “If you ever wondered why…

    • I only close my eyes at actual injury. It is hard for me to watch. When the bone comes out of the basketball players leg. No no no do not want.

      Scary movies on the other hand. MORE, I need more. I love them. But only good one’s. The one’s that make me walk out of the theater scared. Scared when the movie is over and I don’t want to check my back door because it is glass and I could see all the scary woods things. Or the lunatic that has been resting on my back porch all night.


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