Jack Gets Me

So.  Been a while.

I am in that funky ass place where I barely even boot up my computer.  I think my issue with my hormones is effecting me more than I would like to admit.

I am post menopausal, hence my name Woman on Pause.  I have been without my HRT now for around 3 weeks.  Long story, but I felt better for a bit and thought maybe it was a good thing.  Will go to the doctor when I am able, but that will be a week or two.
So for now, it is what it is.

I have found some things that I just can’t deal with now that I am off my hormones.

  1. I have horrible anxiety.
  2. High Blood Pressure.  Like 140/111 high.
  3. I have horrible anxiety.
  4. I forgot how much anxiety sucks.

That is about it.  My heart is almost always racing, see above aforementioned anxiety, and I feel like I could jump out of my skin at any moment.   My bones will jump out and leave a cartoonish skin shell of me with an open zipper in a pile.

So, I know that this post has just been full of fun and awesomeness and you are walking away from it going, “Wow, that was AMAZZZZZZING.”

Ok, not really.  But I wanted to check in.  I am ok.  Just in a weird place.

I am going to let Jack take it away.  This is literally (<— mean that) the way I feel.

 photo wtf_zps4029ec40.gif

Here’s to hoping it passes soon.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

Gif Credit: http://www.dailydot.com/entertainment/morning-gif-jack-nicholson-shining/

2 thoughts on “Jack Gets Me

  1. I opted to forego HRT at all many years ago. My mother said symptoms would subside in six months. Ten years later I’m still having hot flashes, but they are much less intense and I almost never have to change sheets in the middle of the night anymore. I can’t tell you what stopping HRT will do or cause, but I can tell you that hormone free isn’t horrible. Also, soy stuff may help you because it is related to estrogen or something. Or else it at least feels like your doing something and you get a placebo effect. But good luck either way.

    • I really need to have my levels re-checked. I truly forgot how bad my anxiety could get. 😦 I mean, I will live, but it is uncomfortable and frankly makes me quite quick to jump and bitchy. I have to hold my tongue and think before I speak. I hate that.

      Since I am technically Premature Ovarian Failure (Started this around 29) I am hoping HOPING this will be my 7th and last year.

      Fingers crossed!!

      And Thank you!!

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