Mind Blown

I preface this short post with the disclaimer, “You aren’t allowed to judge me.”

I went to the store this morning and as I was turning back into our neighborhood, I was waiting to cross over a highway type of road.  Coming at me was a McDonald’s big rig, 18 wheeler thing.  On the side was just what looked like an Egg McMuffin flying apart, with the term, “BREAK F-A-S-T”

I then thought, Breakfast is the combination of Break and Fast.  Whoa.

Is that the origin of the word??  How did I NOT notice this before.

 photo chandler_zps2e3f8172.gif

This is one of those moments where I wonder how many things I don’t know or realize. I STILL have to check on the use of affect and effect.  And I am pretty sure I used those incorrectly for years since I don’t think I ever used affect.  It looks weird.

(Don’t forget about the “Don’t judge me” disclaimer)

In my defense I have always spelled a lot correctly.  I have that to hold on to.

I swear, I went to college.

Most times I walk around feeling kinda smart.

Then a McDonald’s truck goes by and I am contemplating my intelligence all over again.

I’m Lovin It,

Woman on Pause

PS.  I consulted the Googles and it in fact shows that the origin of Breakfast is from the term, “Breaking the fast.”  Well that makes sense now doesn’t it… 

Gif Source: http://www.vodkacranberryclooney.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/chandlerdoubletake.gif

11 thoughts on “Mind Blown

    • WORD. I swear there isn’t a better meal than one you didn’t cook yourself. I have realized that full force lately. If I had to pick between a steak I made and a sandwich someone else made me. Sandwich.

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