I was reading the Daily News, which I do manically all day.  One of my 4 go to sites when I am on my phone and find time to browse.

I ran across this story about Vladamir Putin.

‘It’s a cat – from the rear’ – Russian President Putin

And it shows this picture Putin had drawn for a classroom of Middle School kids during a visit.

Putin on the Ritz

  • When I first looked at this before even reading the title or what it was about, I thought, what a crude drawing of a vagina.


  • Please o please tell me I am not the only one to see this.


  • If not, I may very well have to call a therapist, a voodoo priestess or whatever will help me not see the vagina.


  • Lord help me, I have been off my hormones now for 8 days and I think it is effecting my brain.


  • That is all for today, because really what else could possibly be said.


  • BTW, I named that picture, “Putin on the Ritz.”  And giggled for WAY longer than I should have.  Then found this.  And continued the giggles again for probably an inappropriate amount of time.


As Always,
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