The Transformation is Complete.

I am now officially my mother.


I hated just about everything that came out of my  mothers mouth once I hit Teen-dom.  Literally every word. She called me Kiddo, I cringed.  “END OF DISCUSSION!!”  Oh mah Gawd.  Make it stop.  The HORROR!!

Now that I have an almost tweener (On the farther side of 11 years old) I found myself in this scenario.

He is about to do the dishes.  During this peaceful moment, I decided to check out the WordPress Reader.  He then tries to attack me with the tongs in a crab like fashion, and I turn and say…

“The longer you take doing the dishes….The longer it is going to take.”


That made absolutely no damned sense. 

He knows it made no sense, I Know it made no sense, hell the cat is still looking at me quizzically.  But she wears plastic bag capes, so she is not to be trusted.


And can I just say, in real life my grout is not that gross looking. 


Anyway, point being, I have evolved completely into the woman between the ages of 15-19 I could not stand.

It is all so very Kafka-esque.  I woke up one day, and was not a roach but my mother.  Wagging my finger, making my jaw go sideways when I am mad, shutting my eyes at my children when I just can not hear anymore…

And I call my kids Kiddo.

I am assuming this must mean I was a complete asshole when I was a teenager.  This is not surprising information. 
Ce La Vie. 

If you need me I will be in the back cataloging my Beatles & Janis Joplin records, and watering the plants in this nifty macrame plant holder.

Are you like your mom or dad?  Did you see it coming or did it just punch  you in the gut one day?


As Always,

Woman on Pause

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