For the Love

OF ALL THAT IS DECENT AND HOLY.  I  have been trying to post over and over and over again.

I tried to post the other day about how I had driven 932 miles in 10 days doing the “Prisoner Exchange.”  We really say it jokingly and lovingly about taking the kids to their parents/families.  But I have logged some serious miles recently.

But every time I try and type *Just saved Draft* something goes wrong.

The eaten post is there, but half finished.  No clue why, I saw it post correctly.

I tried today, and started to type, and the computer shut down.  (This poor thing is on its last legs.  Like begging to be shot, all jacked up, please put it out of its misery shot.)

I tried again after I booted BACK up from “Start Windows Normally” and then the power went out.

I then screamed obscenities at said computer and the daily, crazy, lightning storms we have been getting.

Then I tried again.

*Saving Draft*

And I don’t remember what it was I was going to say.

Oh yeah, it is a countdown.  Not the Final Countdown, the icky song by Europe.  But a countdown none the less.

The kids are back to school August 8th.

But that day doesn’t count.  Half day.

August 9th, will be the day.

I sit in a coma and watch “Lost” for the 6 hours I have to MYSELF.  JUST MEEEEEE.

Then August 10th and 11th, is the weekend.

But then THEN….

August 12th.  The day it all begins.

*Saving Draft*

Not only my Birthday,

But the day I start writing again.

I have 6 hours a day.  If I can spend at least three hours a day on writing every day, 5 days a week, I might be able to find out if this is something I can do.

And I have been looking forward to that more than you all will ever know.

Hope all of you are well and enjoying your summer.  If this computer doesn’t die on me, I will be back soon.  On to 3.5 hour football practice.


*Saving Draft*

As Always,

Woman on Pause

6 thoughts on “For the Love

    • It tried it again. With THIS post. I posted it, and it was no where to be found. I bout lost my shiz. I am not going to lie. But I was able to click back, then get the short link. Then Posted it again. Then BAM there it was.

      OMGOODNESS so frustrated!!!

  1. It happened to me the other day after I had written something I thought was quite good, alas, I posted a picture of my nephew and a few words on happiness after. Obviously, I wanted to post something about anger after losing my writing, but I fought the urge and quickly clicked off. I am looking forward to more of your writing, too.

    • Thanks! I am looking forward to having time to do it. I really never thought that being at home would keep me so busy!!

      I have been dying to get to writing.

      Lesson learned though, back up, back up BACK UP!

  2. Yeah, I was having issues the other night. It took me over 4 hours to create a new blog for my book blog. It was slow and I had to keep refreshing the page to get anything to work. I sure hope they fix whatever the issue is soon.

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