Why is AutoCorrect Juding Me?

I was starting this post and took a picture of something I wanted to include here.  And when emailing it to myself, I tried to put on a title, which after some working was going to be the title of this blog.  The word I was trying to type was “Procrastination.”

It auto corrected to “Procrastinator.”

I looked down and literally thought, “Who the hell are YOU calling a procrastinator?”

Oh yeah.


Ok, it may have a point.

I recently reblogged a post containing a video about Writers Block.  Loved it.  Hence the rebloggage.

And when faced with a bit of time to myself yesterday, even if I was dog tired, I was going to write!  Yay, good job, you are friggin awesome!

Wait, let’s check facebook first.

What is this?  A friend posted a picture of a book that her and her kids were going to start working on.

It is called ZenTangle.

What is this?  Oooooooooh look a SHINY OBJECT!!!!!!


So I googled it.  And then I got all interested.  AKA doing anything ANYTHING to not write.  Do I have a deadline?  No.  Is this my job?  No.


I dunno.  But I am working on it.

In the meantime,



Zentangle folks.

That is what I did instead of writing.

Today, I am a Googling Doodle Goddess.

Say that three times fast.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

Photo Credit:

The other one is mine.  😀

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