I might be a Grown Up.


When faced with the call from the youth minister at the church that Baptized my son without my permission, I acted like a grown up.

What I wanted to act like was a yelling freak show that was going to make that man do something, anything, to make me feel better about what I feel like he stole from me.

(I swear I am not trying to be dramatic, but that is the only way I can think to put it)

Instead of yelling, cursing, pointing out very valid points while heaving and throwing things at his head (telephoniclly), I was calm.

I let him explain to me why they did it and that there was a form filled out prior to camp that basically allowed it.  I didn’t see this form.  He was at his dad’s.  And I doubt his dad saw it either.  The grandma filled it out.  I was going to ask for a copy, but here’s why I didn’t.

It’s over.

I told him, while legitimately holding back tears, that this wasn’t ok in any shape or form.  While I am thrilled he chose to be Baptized, but this was a huge milestone that he didn’t allow me to participate in, and that wasn’t a decision he or the church should have made.

And that they should really re-think having eleven year old’s partake in “Spontaneous Baptisms” without a note from Mom or Dad or Legal Guardian.

And it is probably a Blessing that we spoke 4 days after the incident. Because had I not valued the fact that I know people who love that church and it seems for now so does my Son, I would have had a “Spontaneous Youth Minister Ass Kicking”

I calmly laid out my reasons and conveyed my deepest disappointment in their lack of consideration.

He told me Hindsight is 20/20.

Lord Help me. 


As Always,

Woman on Pause

3 thoughts on “I might be a Grown Up.

  1. I grew up in a church that would’ve totally done something like this, Sarah. And it is sososo frustrating when those people look at you like you have a big-huge-afterlife-attitude problem when you question anything they do. I am so sorry, but I’m proud of you for behaving as I suspect Jesus would’ve.

  2. Thanks, I really tried. HARD.
    I even emphasized my point by saying, we are not church attenders while we still consider ourselves Christians. And this still bothered me THIS much. Not that I needed to justify my point, but I just wanted to drive it home.

    And I cried a little. But I couldn’t help that.

  3. I cannot tell how many time I have shown my not so godly side to the fellow church community! They seem to think whatever they do when it comes to your child is ok! My daughter I’m sorry to say had several major issues happen that I am still as you can tell not happy about! Wait I think I still need to forgive and I’m not kidding! I think it’s great you let your feelings be known! Keep it up!

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