I found myself home alone tonight.

Saturday night!

No wait.  It is Wednesday.

Whatever I can’t keep my days straight.  My hubs is at work and the kids still aren’t here.  So I am here.


GIRLS NIGHT BITCHES!!!  I was really excited about this and wanted to document it.  Don’t get all jealous.  Don’t be a hater.  God hates haters.

10:00pm, time for the night to begin!!  I headed to Target to get sugar and a box of wine.

That’s it.

Nothing else.


Wine instructions Wine!
Did we know wine in a box needed instruction?

Hey, it is a bladder of wine, who am I to question?

Time to get cooking.  Recipe here.

I have all the ingredients but my walnuts aren’t toasted.  DAMN YOU UN TOASTED NUTS!!!

Wait, I got this.

Toasty nuts
*Please note the butter in the back using the oven heat to get “Room Temperature”
**Please note, it didn’t work.

I got all my troops out.  Time to get real up in here.

the troops

But wait.  The kids haven’t been here since Thursday. Five days.  Who  has cleaned out the litter box!?!??!

Scary litter box
I kept it black and white because well litter boxes are el grodio grande.  Ew. 

*Wine Refill

Time to cook.  Bring in my assistant.

b w kitty
Left the camera setting on B&W.  Wait, no, I am trying to be artsy.

Got everything together. Mashed mixed, dry and wet.  Very sexy.

wine and batter

Put it in the oven and set the timer for 30 out of the 60 min time limit.

DING!  30 min remain and then realized the top of my banana bread is too brown for the 30 minutes that are remaining.


*Wine Refill

Dammit Martha we can’t both be sloshed.  KEEP IT TOGETHER WOMAN.

As I read further in the recipe it told me to make a tent for my bread. TENT?  What damned tent??  I am no BOY SCOUT!

I think I may have had too much wine at this point.

I improvise.

Foil is your friend.

I kept an eye out every 10 minutes and then BAM.  Banana Walnut Bread perfection!!


Yeah it is next to my wine.  Whatever.

By the way, I hate bananas.

So does my mom and so does my son.

But my hubs and my step awesome love em, so I made it anyway.

All of this and I won’t enjoy this at all.

***Still 10,124,784 times better than going to a bar or a club.

Just sayin.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

The only photo I didn’t take.    Credit:

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