Play Ball

It is something.  Watching your child work so hard.  Seeing him put the time in.  Seeing him be picked as the best of the best.

We have spent the last 15 out of 18 days at the ball park for little league.  This is on top of already completing the season. This was All Stars. The majors of little league.  The show.

I watched prideful fathers prepare the fields, paint the fences, and work hard with their boys.  Hour after hour.  The boys working hard, running, fielding, pitching, hitting, batting cages, no swimming on game days, hydrating starting 4 hours prior to a game, etc. etc.

Until the big day.  The moment of truth.

Game 1 – Victory!  Our team played beautifully.  Everyone on the team moved like a well oiled machine.  Fielding, hitting, you name it, they nailed it.  My boy hit great and caught the game winning catch.  It was amazing.  I have never been so proud. I have also never jumped up and shouted. Literally, I jumped up and shouted.

I made a itty bitty spectacle of myself, and didn’t care one bit.  That’s MY Boy.


Game 2 – Well……..  Not the best game.  9am 4th of July.  They seemed tired.  I think perhaps they over trained until, well, just over it.  We have been at the ball park FOREVER.

 photo sandlot-forever-o_zps0265233b.gif

And whomever gets the above, gets this post.

We lost game 2. Double elimination, we are still in the game.  There is still a chance they can win the division and go down state to play for the grand title.  State Champions.

Game 3

My boy is starting off pitcher.  It doesn’t go well.  8 runs given up by the 2nd inning.  He is starting to cry.  It hurts my heart so badly, but a part of me knows this type of situation, this disappointment, is good for kids.  As much as it rips apart my  heart to see him hold back tears, to see the frustration.  I know that he is building a set of standards for himself that include hard work, perseverance, and the desire to do well.  He wants something, and it isn’t happening.

Such is life.  Hard lessons are hard learned.

We lose.

Oddly, everyone including the kids seemed relived.

This is something that my son and his father do together.  We, me and his father, haven’t been together for many  many years.  But this is their thing.

Every single one of those kids looked relieved.  Happy that there were no more two hour practices.  Happy they didn’t see their buddy throw up doritos after a 30 minute run after an hour practice. Happy their summer can TRULY begin.

They are 11.


I understand preparation, pride, and wanting to win. Working hard for what you feel your kids deserve.

But I also think, sometimes it is a bit much for kids their age.

But, alas, he wants to do it, and I am thrilled he and his father have this time.

I don’t have anything like this with him.  They have this and no one can take it away.

All I can do is be there, encourage, and take a million pictures.

Give him a big smile, and hugs.

And shoo the gnats from my toes.


At the end of the day, when all is said and done…

All you can do is, Play Ball.


As Always,


Woman on Pause.

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4 thoughts on “Play Ball

  1. I can completely relate to this experience.. My boy plays cricket.. he is just 8yrs old now.. but the amount of hard work and dedication he shows towards the game makes us feel proud.. Our weekends revolve around his schedule.. Thanks for the touching read!

    • It is wonderful to see them grow up and develop all of these wonderful skills and dreams. He has been playing baseball since 5 years old. Now my younger one is going on to Football. Let the games begin!!

      And thank you 🙂

  2. My kids love that movie. So do I. Whether your son becomes ‘the jet’ or not, he will have great memories and, as you say, a lot of life lessons. Your dedication is admirable as is your understanding.x

  3. I think I could recite each line of that movie. Every line. It has always been a favorite. A favorite line in this house, “You’re KILLIN me Smalls!” Hahaha

    And thanks, it has been a lot. It really has. And since his dad works nights, I have been the primary runner. I think we have around 3 weeks of chill time before football. Which actually has MORE practices. And is in the sweltering heat.

    Play BALL!!!

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