I have been blogging here and there because I am a brat in my own head.

Bear with me here.

I have been Gung Ho about blogging for several months now.  I took about ten days off when my step son was here because, well, social media and minecraft.

I was all super stoked to GET BACK TO IT.  And then I didn’t.  I did, but I really didn’t.

The last post, I felt like I had to drag it out of me.

It felt forced.  NOT COOL.

I do this all the time.  I get so excited about something and start it, then never finish it.  I think it is because I am scared I will fail.  I procrastinate, then fail.  Then I know I am right.

Yes, I recognize the insanity here.

I want to put up an old 90’s Nike poster with the Swoosh on it and the “JUST DO IT” mantra.  So every time I hesitate then over think it, then procrastinate, then panic, I can just bypass the entire icky circle.

Then this reminded me of a woman the hubs and I saw once at the Monster Truck show with the boys.  (PS, excellent people watching fodder here. EXCELLENT)

She had a nice body, seemed to work out, but the rest was a hot ass mess.  Hair, face, etc.  She was on Meth.  She couldn’t stop from moving around, she was climbing everywhere and kinda humping stuff.  It was just weird.

But during her little meth dance she bent over and I saw she had a tramp stamp of that swoosh, and the “Just Do It” across the top of her ass.

Um.  Does that mean you want someone to “Just Do It” in your butt?  I know that sounds crude, but that was the EXACT thing I thought.  I hope she has received the help she needs, and hopefully some sort of coupon for tattoo removal.  ((Shudder))

*Please note, I have tattoos, even one in the same area.  I judge ye not on the ink, but do judge when you are telling the world to do it in your butt.  Because that’s private y’all.

So, we have come full circle, and I will try and get my head out of my ass and keep on keepin on.  And try not to be such a brat.  To myself.  Because that makes no damned sense.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

PS.  Holy crap, no pictures!!!  Did you all get to the bottom?  I prefer blogs with pictures.  But frankly, I think the mental pictures are enough.

You’re Welcome.

10 thoughts on “Swoosh!

  1. LOL! You are crazy, but you make me laugh! 😉
    As far as blogging goes, do you make a list of possible blog posts as you think of them? I have found I am much more able to blog routinely because I plan ahead of time. I just jot down ideas as I have them, then I write the post when I get around to it. 🙂

  2. I text myself when an idea comes up I want to remember. Funny story, I text myself, “A little bleach won’t hurt the kids and other Mothering Misadventures.” And now I have no idea what that meant. And am a bit concerned I have left a bleach mine somewhere in the yard. What does that mean?!?!

    But normally an idea comes to me, I sit down, and just well, do it.

    I have found if I plan it doesn’t come off smoothly. If I just go at it, it flows better.

    I wish I could find a happy medium between planning and off the cuff.

    And thank you btw. 😉

  3. Ah, yes. Procrastination. The sole reason why I do things as soon as I think of them. If I wait a mere ten minutes, it’ll never get done.

    I was super excited to start blogging again now that I was going to be at home for the summer, but then every time I start, I can’t get the words out. It sucks.

    • My advice, do it anyway. That is the advice I am giving myself. If it sucks, that’s ok, you got something down. I need to get back into a habit. That isn’t about kids and hubs. God love em but they take up 98%, I need my 2%!

  4. Ahh procrastination! I always find that the more I have to do the less I procrastinate, but when I have just a few little chores or projects I… do absolutely nothing.

    Thank you for not posting a ‘Just Do It’ photo… 😉

  5. I do the same thing with any project too! I am slowly teaching myself to stick with it. (btw… Minecraft is awesome, lol). Yikes talk about mental images there, lol. You know I never would have thought of the swoosh meaning that but it makes so much sense, lol.

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