Who needs a Bra anyway?

I am now about a month into staying at home, versus working. 

A recap.  I have worked my entire life.  Literally.  Family business = no child labor laws.  I was working a cash register on a step stool at 9.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t factory work, but I have just always worked. 

Now I don’t.

And it is weird.


Seriously, I just put on my bra.  10:35am. 

I want to do all the things with the kids.  But I have found this is unrealistic.  I had 1,224,736 things planned for this summer.

We have done two. 

But that being said, we have been quite busy.

I just helped throw a baby shower and I actually made this.


I couldn’t find the letters at the craft store, so I printed out the template, cut it out, and then cut out the letters.

I told her next time she has a kid, It will be named, “Joe.”

I also made 10lbs of those meatballs in grape jelly and bbq sauce, SO GOOD.  I even did fondue. 

This week, I really hope to be able to start the summer.  Not this running around thing that we seem to do every day.  As in preparing to run, running, laying down after running. 

Since I never know what day of the week it is anymore, I am going to hope that the Summer I envisioned starts around July 4th. 

I may need to set my phone to remind me.  And to remind me to put on my bra. 


As Always,


Woman on Pause

Photo Credits
Baby shower – Mine!

18 thoughts on “Who needs a Bra anyway?

  1. Haha, over a million things, eh? 😀 Well, two’s not bad, for a start…
    Love the baby shower decor! Cute idea!!
    Let the summer truly begin on the 4th – I think that’s perfect! That’s my reality, anyway. 😉

  2. I’m still checking to make sure that it does not say womaninmenopause, as my first glance suggested. I would have followed you then too. Got to look to the future. I’ve been at number two pic for most of the day – with bra on, I might add.x

    • So funny the name came from me going through Premature Ovarian Failure, AKA Stupid Early Menopause. (I was 29 when it started) I am currently Post menopausal. Woot Woot! In the home stretch!!

      • Lucky bugger! I’m peeking round corners waiting for it to come up and bite me on the bum. Dreading it because of some stories from friends and colleagues. Hope it was symptom free or, at least, easier than some I’ve heard of.x

      • Well, mine hit me pretty hard. Especially being 29. It took 800 tests for my Endocrinologist to believe me. He was like, yeahhhh sorry about that. You are knee deep in Menopause. Sorry for your luck. I am on year 6 and now on HRT. IT IS THE BESTEST EVER. No more hot flashes or night sweats. THOSE BLOW.

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