Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

No this isn’t about the awesome movie, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it highly.

My last post was a bit of a downer.  So, to fix that and the funk, hubs and I decided to spend a romantic morning…

At the gun range.

I have a Walther that my husband bought me for home protection and while I am a little familiar with guns, I wanted to be more comfortable with one.  Just makes good gun sense.

What a great morning!

Hello, and welcome to Romance on the Range, my name is Sarah and I will be your guide.

While I was nervous at first, because well it is a GUN for the love of Oprah.  I am very respectful of firearms and store them up away and locked in the home.  Because if you don’t you are a moron.  Sorry but that is just fact folks.  BE GUN RESPONSIBLE.

Sorry now that the disclaimer is over, once I got the hang of loading the clip, (.22 caliber if anyone is wondering) and the whole process, I really started to enjoy it.

Hubs gave me excelent pointers and he got to shoot his .45.  WHOA that thing was LOUD.  But this was a very calming experience.  A very unexpected outcome.

hubs range

So handsome.  ❤  And much more familiar with guns, shooting, gun safety, etc.  I feel nothing but safe with him in what would normally be a nerve wracking situation for me.

This was my first attempt with the new gun.  (2nd time shooting period.)

dummy range

Because I am AWESOME!

So, after my paradigm shift yesterday (aka getting out of my own head) and then some one on one time with hubs, I have all the smiles today.  🙂

While this may not be what everyone does to get time with their spouse, I kinda liked it.


As always,

Woman on Pause

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