I got lost in the internet. Send help.

I was on Pinterest, because that is just what I do, when I decided I wanted to see if I could find an interesting way to do boxed brownies.

So I put in the search, “Brownies.”  Because that is normal, but then this happened.


Um, no that is not a Brownie.  That is something Stephen King dreams of during his Wednesday afternoon naps. 

What in the hell are those?

Then I thought, maybe I am being culturally insensitive. Perhaps this is a treasure of a culture I am not aware of. 

So I went to my trusted friend and confidante, Google.

This was a poor decision.


They looked somewhat “Fairy” like so I googled just that, “Brownie Fairy.”


So I entered the third circle of internet hell. 

I hope this isn’t some time honored tradition I am stomping on over here, but this was creepy as hell. 

All of it. 

CREEPAAAAAY Creepy.  Creepy VonCreepershmidt, I also file it under, HELL NO and DO NOT WANT.

On a lighter note, been using my camera more.  I just took these shots of the impending monsoon I expect we will be under in around 20 minutes. 

I am no professional, hell I am not even an amatuer, but I enjoy taking pictures.  Enjoy!



One last thing, has anyone else ever gotten lost on the internet?  Did you find the Forth Circle of hell, or just an old picture of Lisa Lisa, sans Cult Jam?


As always,


Woman on Pause




Photo Credithttp://flowerno5.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/lisa_lisa.jpg

13 thoughts on “I got lost in the internet. Send help.

  1. I wish I had read this ten minutes ago before I took my Zzzquil. I need to sleep in the middle of the bed. With the lights on. And a hammer under the pillow. The brownies may be everywhere 🙂 My 4th level of Hell wasn’t Lisa Lisa, but I can’t unsee the picture of fat Axl Rose. Maybe it wasn’t him, maybe it was Honey Boo Boo’s mom, I didn’t have my contacts in. And it was late.

  2. Ha! I get lost on the Internet all the time. Whatever you do, do NOT ever go to tvtropes.org or you may spend days there. Days. Every time I go there, I can’t stop clicking. (and if you search Stephen King at TV tropes, you may never sleep again.)

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