OMBRE – Oh how I loathe thee…

I know I am not the only one out there who has heard of Ombre.  I personally only thought of this as a term that people from the Old West used.

I picture a very dusty man, cowboy hat, boots, spurs the whole nine yards.  Tipping his hat with one finger, staring coldly at an approaching stranger, Do I know you “OMBRE?”

(I recognize this use is spelled HOMBRE, but I see Ombre and think HOMBRE.  Great I have said it enough in my head it has lost all meaning.)


I digress.
OMBRE – is a way of coloring ones hair to show gradual shades of color or as I see it, give the impression ones roots have not been done.

I am all for bringing a hairstyle into the fray that helps one squeeze more time between colorings.  But to actually pay to have this look has always baffled me, but to each hair own.

Another example, so no one can accuse me of giving Drew a hard time for maybe a bad hair day.

This is all fine.

But now, people have gone a little friggin nuts.


Ombre Stairs

Truth be told, I don’t hate this idea, just the fact they refer to it as Ombre Stairs.

Ombre Sweat Shirt
In my honest opinion there are many things going wrong here, but the fact it is an Ombre sweatshirt kinda did me in.

And really, does this not remind ANYONE of Hypercolor shirts??


And now, there is ombre in a box.  For those who want to jack up an already out there hairstyle.


I am not hating on anyone who has this hairstyle.  I’m really not.  It just drives me insane how there is one thing, then another then another, then everything that even resembles color patterns going from light to dark is OMBRE.

STOP trying to make OMBRE happen!


Oh wait, it already has….


To summarize I feel the Ombre is the hair equivalent of the Macarena.  Just sayin.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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