Um, that’s blood y’all.

Welcome friends and readers. Do not ask me how. But I have found Pop-Korn.  I know, this is a family blog dammit. No really, it isn’t. It is a blog about my family, my journey, but this is still and always will be a blog for Grown Folk.
I don’t know why.  I TRULY don’t. But I decided to Google (On my phone because dammit I am not allowing my computer to get a virus.) The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape.  Pop-Korn, aka Pop culture porn but including the K because that is how they do.
But wait, don’t lose me here.
I am a FREQUENT reader of Daily Mail. The US version.  I am too old to really give a shit about Kim Kardashian and her baby with Kanye West.  I like Kanye’s music for the most part, whatever.  So I am inundated with this Kardashian Kraziness.  Konstantly.  It is really annoying.

Taylor Swift I’m gonna let you finish but ________.


All of a sudden in the back cockles of my brain I remember hearing about a sex tape.  The tape that supposedly Katapulted her to fame.  So I Google on my phone, and I’ll be damned, there it is.  LITERALLY.

I watched it. I am not ashamed. It was RIGHT THERE.  I was just damned curious about why it is this person who adds nothing to anything is popular and under CONSTANT scrutiny.

Um, it is staged porn.  Period.  Pop Culture Porn.  Pop-Korn as I refer to it.

It is a sex tape with the dude who was supposedly dating Whitney Huston when she died.  The brother, (bear with me while I reach down into my pop culture purse where the gum, sand, and random Motrin lie) of Brandi. The girl, who had the show when she was a teen, then had an accident that killed a poor woman.  Google it, I am ashamed I know this much.  (Why WHY do I know all of this?)

The point is this woman, Kim Kardashian, and her entire family (?? PR machine) are popular because she was friends with Paris Hilton, and she did the Porn.




I am seeing all this info, all this mess, this tabloid fodder because she had sex with Ray Jay??!?!  (See above for who this is.)  I am literally afraid. What the hell is going on here?  We are all seeing these stories DAILY and pictures and gossip about this woman because she did the porn?

Perhaps, and I am willing to admit this, I am a bit behind in the times.  I know the Paris Hilton sex tape thing, but REALLY?  This is what girls are watching on “E”?!??!??!  Kardashian this, Kardashian that.  All because of this three minute porn tape I just watched.

I have no words.  Perhaps this makes me old.  Perhaps this shows I am not with the times, but I am frankly shocked that this empire that is Kardashian was built off of this.  Perhaps I am naive but this is not right.  You can’t be famous for this.  But she, they, are.

Sorry, a bit late to the party I am sure, but I am floored.  FLOORED.  Is this the norm now?  Is this how young people hope to gain notoriety?  Jesus I hope not.  But the gauntlet has been laid down, and she has shown, YES you can be famous for this.

Scared as always,

Woman on Pause – On Pause, and doing lots, but Not doing porn.  Just FYI.

Photo Kredits –

True-Blood http://www.glamour.com/images/beauty/2013/03/kim-kardashian-blood-facial1-w724.jpg
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Swanye – http://www.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID20534/images/Kanye_West_Meme.jpg

6 thoughts on “Pop-Korn

    • I don’t know why it bothers me so much. I think it is the influence on the younger generation. That being said, I am sure there have been hundreds of horrible things influencing kids for Generations.

  1. Well thats interesting… I didn’t realize that’s how Kim Kardashian became famous. Eye’s opened! I must say I haven’t seen said film but as a man a Kim Kardashian sex tape is pretty enticing. She is beautiful to say the least…kinda sad thats all shes famous for though. But we live in a day and age when you can be famous for nothing. Why is Honey Boo Boo on air? Or Snooki? Makes you wonder about our society… Great article none the less, really enjoyed it!

    • I am not sure if it was that, or her friendship with Paris Hilton. I shouldn’t know THIS much lol. Honestly when I googled it, I didn’t think it would just come up like that, first time around. So I watched. It was what it was. But I think what concerned me was that, and how young girls are emulating her so much. They are everywhere!!

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