Not a Poser

Or at least I try really hard not to be.  I try to be as honest and straight forward as possible 99.2% of the time.  

(We all know each picture our kids draw isn’t a Rembrant but we say it is anyway, and nooooooo that skirt looks great on you….  We all know how it goes)

So, the picture on my Gravatar, avatar, whatever-atar is me. Let’s not get crazy.  I am not an 85 year old Male.  But, it really doesn’t accurately depict what I look like now.  That picture is about 3 years old.  It is one of my favorite pictures of myself.  

I recently cut my locks slam off.  They had to go.  

A Before and After.  These two pictures were taken three days apart.



Sorry for the grainy selfie, but I was at work, and those forward facing photos suck big old camel balls.  (Just assuming camel’s balls are big.  I have not see any myself and for obvious reasons refuse to google.  Yikers)

So I am a poser no more.  Once I get a decent shot of me with the short hair, my pic will change.  Until then, I’m leaving it.  

Because, who doesn’t like a good picture of themselves??

Too tired to review, vent, or share my internet finds today, so this one is a short one.  Have a great weekend all, I am off to fall into a coma. 

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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